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You'll NEVER find a better CSA!

By: michdeva J.-A.    (Oct 22, 2013)

There is not enough space here to relay just how amazing and wonderful Vicki, Tom and the rest of the Zilke Vegetable Farm crew are. PROFESSIONAL & INVOLVED - The weekly email detailing what is in your box is thorough, with colorful photos and recipe ideas. It also has Tom's section - "View From the Tractor Seat" - where he lets you know all about the challenges, surprises and revelations of planting/growing/harvesting crops. Tom and Vicki are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful too. Their farm stand/fields are not just a business but also a sort of community outreach HQ. The amount of time they spend with the public - school kids, U of M ag-researches, intercity kids, & nosey CSA members, like us, is incredible! DIVERSE & BOUNTIFUL - The Zilke's offer you a great selection each week, with extras also thrown in. They offer traditional veggies, grains, salads, squash, herbs, even honey(!) - sometimes adding non-mainstream crops (ground cherries, more rare chiles, etc.) and/or fruit too! If you're in love with a crop that others in the CSA are not you can swap stuff out of your box & trade with other members or then the Zilke's often simply give you all their extra of that item for that week (for us, we stocked up on okra & various chiles). SHARING & KIND - The Zilke's embody all the goodness that you want in your fresh farmed produce! They adopt shelter kitties for their farm stand, donate food profusely to the Food Gatherers & participate in Growing Hope activies (both organizations are non-profits), and are some of the nicest, most giving people you'll ever meet. They work to accomodate you and your needs and always get back to your emails/calls right away. At the final end of the season harvest this year, we were allowed to not just pick the remaining veg still on the plants but we could actually take the enitre plants out of the ground, if we wanted to replant them at home! We made out like bandits - healthy bandits! ;o) THANK YOU! - We are going to be members of this CSA forever and can't stop telling our friends and family about how they need to join this CSA because all others pale in comparison!

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