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Good meat, but.....

By: Neeli    (Oct 29, 2013)

I had heard about S&S Lamb a while back and wanted to try their products. I was excited to find out that they offered a monthly meat box, so I purchased one a couple of months ago. The chicken was delicious, and it didn't have a lot of fat on it, which is a good thing when you want the skin to be crispy. The lamb, pork, and beef were all delicious as well. I was happy with the taste of all the meats that I received.

With the positives listed, I will now state the negatives. I wasn't happy with the fact that most of the meats I received were ground, as I was hoping to receive more whole meats. I understand that I wasn't going to get a substantial amount of meat for $125, but I also didn't want mostly ground meats and bratwursts. One of the kinds of brats that I received had propylene glycol in it. I try to stay away from unnecessary chemicals in my food, and I was not happy that my meat had this chemical in it. The whole point of buying local foods is because I don't want to purchase meat products from regular stores because most meats have chemicals in them. I was disappointed about the chemicals in my food items.

Overall, the meat was of good quality, however, I will not purchase from this farm again.

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Sharon Schierbeek says:    (Mar 28, 2014)
Dear Neeli, It had been awhile since I have checked my Local Harvest listing so my apologies for not responding to your note earlier. Our monthly meat boxes consist of Eggs, Lamb, Beef, Pork, and Chicken, all grown here on our farm. We normally try to include a variety of meats in each box that include roasts, steaks, ground, and stew or stir fry meats. Depending on the time of year I may choose to do Ground Beef patties or a meatloaf and I always include ground beef in the 1 lb packages since most people use that in their recipes. Since your comment is dated October 2013 I went back and checked what was in our box in the previous month. I'm guessing by price you purchased the August MMBox. It included: " 3 dozen eggs, 2 Half Chickens, Cut Up, Lamb Sirloin Roast, Lamb Ground, Lamb Smoked Sausage, Beef Ball Tip Steaks- 4, Ground Beef, Pork Bacon, 2 Variety of Pork Brats, Breakfast Links, all for $125.00" As you mentioned the brats do contain propylene glycol. Our processor makes the brats for us, using our meats, since we do have the equipment (yet) to produce them. He uses a spice blend that includes it. My apologies. Once we obtain the necessary equipment to make our own brats we will be doing our own spice blends and creating our own bratwursts without additives. I'm truly sorry that you will choose not to purchase any meats from us in the future. We strive to raise quality meats in the most natural way that we can and I am happy that you did, at least, enjoy the rest of our products in the monthly meat box. Blessings, Sharon