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Dear Price Complainer

By: Kathleen Graham-Arbogust    (Nov 8, 2013)

First, it is not an easy decision for a family farmer to price their food at what appears to some as being unaffordable. A family farmer teeters between the need for repeat customers and ensuring they can continue to do all the work for other families while remaining capable of feeding their own from the land and beast, as well as the profit from hard, back-breaking, and sometimes hearbreaking work.

Second, do the math: this happens ONCE a year. For that one time, you should want to give your family and guests the very best that good, hard-earned money can buy. Calculate how many people...or, more appropriately, how many plates, will be served by that one bird! How much per plate is that? Less than $20 for a luxurious, indulgent, never-had-it-taste-this-good meal. And that's not counting left overs. AND...don't waste that carcass--add to some water with celery, carrots, onions, salt and pepper, and it will make the most phenomenal stock to use for soup now, or freeze for later. Heritage, especially organic heritage, is the best.

"Additional" math, pun intended--give up those fast-food drive thru meals, or unhealthy snacks, or chain-restaurant dine-outs for a month or two and put the savings toward your Thanksgiving bird--remember, add it to what you already would have budgeted to spend on the inhumanely raised, in-organic tasteless bird from the chain store supermarket. Suddenly you can afford what you blamed that hard-working farmer for overpricing.

It's called THANKSGIVING...and for you, if you choose to serve the very best, you will RECEIVE more thanks for your efforts and sacrifice than you ever received for this traditional meal before.

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