Shared Roots Farm (Hemlock Creek CSA)

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Great produce and Recipes that are sure to please

By: KRISTIN Mahoney    (Jan 13, 2014)

Joined this share in 2013 as a way to eat healthier and educate my kids about where food comes from -real food!. Stephanie and Brett are fantastic people and the weekly pick up was always so exciting. The kids loved seeing new foods they hadn't tried before as well as tasting fresh organic versions of veggies they already love. My son who avoided lettuce at all costs was asking for second helpings of grilled kale and going with me to market to make sure i picked the greens he liked. Freezing some greens was required as we couldn't use all that we received in one week- we had delicious beet greens with Christmas dinner and still have more to use. The recipes were very helpful for ingredients I wasn't used to cooking. EVERY recipe was voted on after meals and all but 3 made it in to the KEEP folder. I can't wait for next season.

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