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Duck Confit, fromage blanc, and omg chicken

By: becky burke    (Feb 27, 2014)

I started going out to Kookoolan farms waaaay back when Chrissie still had goats. I'd get goat and cow milk.

Then! Chrissie sold me a duck confit kit. OH. There is nothing like having your own jar of duck confit in the fridge - REAL duck confit - not the couple of legs Whole Foods tries to sell. In fact, I found this little forum because I am in need of another duck confit kit from Chrissie!

I've also taken a cheese class - I can make chevre and fromage blanc now! It's so easy!!

My daughter, now 9, picked out her 3rd birthday dinner - we had rabbit from Kookoolan farms. We decided on 2 live rabbits, and came back the next week and they were ready for dinner. Kookoolan farm is a great way to teach children real farm-food relationships. Chicken doesn't come from cellophane.

Oh, the chicken. And her Kombucha. Everything they do at Kookoolan is just amazing.

and I need another duck confit kit....

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