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from: The Orange Shop

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haven't tried Temples, but Ruby Reds are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

By: Christine L. Soutter    (Mar 9, 2014)

We had a combo box just before Christmas that contained Ruby Red grapefruit, which were so spectacular that we reordered a 3/4 bushel box of just grapefruit. They, too, were OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Seriously. If you think you like grapefruit just from eating the kind in the grocery store, you have a gustatory surprise awaiting you. These are beyond delicious, beyond extraordinary. The taste is incomparable, and there's so much juice that you can squeeze out more than half a cupful to drink separately from each half even after first eating the entire half with a grapefruit spoon. And if you love fresh-squeezed juice, this will blow you away -- it beats the fresh-squeezed juice on the menu at premier hotels and resorts.

If you think I'm just raving inappropriately, buy some for yourself, and you'll see why these encomiums are still insufficient to describe such unbelievable fruits. Worth every penny and more. The Orange Shop is a treasure we'll return to, year after year.

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Pete & Cindy Spyke says:    (Mar 13, 2014)
Thanks for the wonderful review! The Orange Shop.