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Educational and yummy

By: Rebecca Yahiel    (Apr 10, 2014)

Every time I go to JuJo Acres I always learn something new. Through Jonas and Judy I developed a greater appreciation of what GOOD food can offer me and my family. I rarely eat meat because of the bad/unsustainable practices that conventional farms use (ex. unnecessary cruelty to the animals and pumping them full of chemicals) so I WILL spend the little extra money on quality beef from a farmer I know and trust. And because I rarely eat meat, I do not always know what I want or how to cook a certain cut of meat. However, they are always happy to explain the different cuts and how best to cook them if need be.

Fun fact - I made burgers for friends with JuJo ground beef, and my friends said they were hands-down the best burgers they had ever eaten.

These are farmers who love what they do and want to share their knowledge & passion & experiences with you -- it is unfortunate that some people are not as open-minded..

I am so glad I came across these farmers!!!

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