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wow just wow!

By:    (Apr 11, 2014)

I have ordered bay leaves many other places online. only to have the old dried out crumbled california bay delivered to me. I ordered the california bay from Schmidt Road Ranch, 3 days ago. and today I received it!.. I was boggled at how fast they came. I tore open the package and it was EXACTLY how they said it would be. over 100 leaves on their stems!.. beautifully green and soft, fresh....Im a believer Schmidt Road Ranch!. And I will be handing out your address webpage to everyone I know that appreciates good.. no.. excellent pricing and quality merchandise!.. and believe me this is high praise for me. Im the complete opposite of an optimist when it comes to online ordering of herbs! I have you favorited you now on my computer. so look for many more orders from me.

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