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from: Schmidt Road Ranch

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Absolutely stunning quality!

By: Michael Okusa    (Apr 14, 2014)

I loved these bay leaves so much, I had to leave a 2nd 5 star review! I really love how well these California Bay Leaves work in dessert applications. Bay Leaf and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramelized Pineapple and Bay Leaf Sorbet... Next I might try David Lebovitz's Bay Leaf Pound Cake. The aroma is sweet, herbal, spicy, intoxicating. What's even better is the source - Schmidt Road Ranch did a beautiful job packaging and charged very reasonably compared to what you will find in a specialty grocery store.

A tip: Learn from my mistake - don't let the leaves stay in the ziploc bag. They became moldy after a week or so. That was my mistake entirely, though. The 2nd time around I tied them to a thumb tack and let them hang to air dry. Even dry, their aroma will not fade. Infuse tea, simple syrup, high proof alcohol, hot milk or cream and be seduced by a new flavor!

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