Azure Dandelion

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nobody home

By: leslie connolly    (May 4, 2014)

placed an order. never charged to my account. messaged them on their site. no response. emailed them at the address they provided-no response. i have ordered from another company (expected to have planted the seeds by now)that immediately emailed receipt of order, etc. hope they don't decide to charge me 9 days after i placed the order. they certainly have a nice "dream" selection of seeds. hope no one is ill or something. if they are, sorry to be a pain. hope all gets better.

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Ayita Rain says:    (Jun 17, 2014)
You didn't get a receipt because you never completed an order. I responded to the email you wrote within 2 hours explaining you did not finish the order. Not much more I could have done, I'm sorry your not happy. Ayita