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By: Angelia Beach    (May 14, 2014)

We purchased thirty of these wonderful broiler chickens from Pastures Life farms. I have to come and brag on this wonderful farms products, and this wonderful family... This great farm and these chickens were beautiful, and the poultry was very fresh, plump, clean and extremely tasty!! They were prepared very well, packaged wonderfully and made to exact specifications. You will not be disappointed. This family cares about their animals, their welfare and they make sure their products are well above what you would expect. These are the tastiest, freshest poultry I've ever had!! You can't beat the price either! Please give Mrs. Shields a call... Eat food that will nourish your body, not destroy it like gmo food does, her family's farm will take good care of you, just like they do for their animals and your nutrition needs.

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