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I didn't know what real food tasted like

By: Natalie Cooper-Berthe    (May 17, 2014)

Before we joined Fresh & Local CSA, we had no idea just how GOOD fresh veggies could taste. I once heard a CSA member said that once she had veggies grown by Farmer Allan and Maura, she felt she'd been robbed most of her life. I think that's a pretty fair assessment! The eggs, the beef, the array of interesting vegetables...incredible! My kids have become huge fans of veggies they might never have tried. Garlic scapes are a huge favorite, and my kids clamor all year until late spring when we get them again. Purple carrots, colored chard, Japanese radishes, sorrel, lamb's quarters--nothing I'd have bought, but all of which we've eaten because it was in our CSA bag. It's a delight! And it's an added bonus that we get to help out on the farm, too. They've really taken ownership of "our" farm and what grows there. I'd highly recommend this CSA!

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