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from: Southern J Ranch

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Everglades Tomato Rocks!

By:    (Jun 2, 2014)

Somehow I ended up with 4 of these in my garden this year. I got my seeds from a guy out of Florida selling them on Ebay. This plant grows exactly as described....weedy, just doesn't give a &#@%. It reaches into the personal space of its neighbors and says, "Excuse me, pardon me, I need sun and you're in my way." It grows large, bushy and sprawling as well. The best part...the tomatoes. They are very small, but they are a real tomato-punch in the mouth. Sweet and super tomatoey when ripe. Less so when just under ripe. Some people complain about the harvesting of them, but I don't find it too terrible if you've got some snips. Just find a ripe o ripening truss, clip it and put it in a basket. If you're looking for little sweeties for minimal effort, I can't recommend these enough. I'm in Dallas and it's just now June, so they haven't been put to the heat test yet, but we are H90s/L70s now and these plants are still setting lots of fruit. These will be regulars in my garden.

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