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Beautiful farm, delicious food!

By: B.B.    (Jun 22, 2014)

I found this farm on Local Harvest and wanted to stop by and check it out. Annette was so sweet and friendly and told me I was welcome to come by. I was happy to find that she was just as warm and kind in person. She gave me a tour of her farm including a walk through the food forest (so many different kinds of fruits and veggies! Wow!) and the hydroponic pools of greens which were so gorgeous, giant and vibrant. I bought some kale and lettuce which turned out to be super crisp and fresh!. She showed me where the patch of black eyed peas were and we picked a big bowlful. I later spent several hours shelling these at home but they were awesome so it was worth the time. Lastly, I met her very friendly chickens who seem to follow her around like the pied piper (happy chickens,so funny!). I bought a dozen eggs and was reminded why farm fresh eggs are so much better, the yolks are bright orange and huge, yum! All in all, a wonderful experience and the food was awesome! Can't wait to return!

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