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from: Rick's Seasonal Produce

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By: Lynnette Griffen    (Jul 3, 2014)

I was pleasantly surprised after much disappointment, I ordered this fruit box blindly. I didn't think to stop and see what was in season, I simple was sapote, cherimoya, and guavas. So I ordered, and what I got was lemons, oranges, grapefruit and avocados. I was upset, I can go to the local market and pick any of this stuff up. So I sent an email sparking for a refund. They complied very respectfully and told me to keep the fruit. So I tried them, not expecting much... And then, Zang! The tastiest orange I've ever had, and the grape fruits ahhh man fegitabouit, it tasted like it had hints of pineapple.... Pineapple! When was the last time you had a grapefruit remind you of pineapple. Amazing. So I feel bad about the refund. And have ordered a bunch of pink guavas and white sapote. Can't wait.

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Lynnette Griffen says:    (Jul 4, 2014)
I simply saw*