Windy Hill Grassfed Beef

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Yes. Good. Me like.

By: Rose Wheeler    (Jul 26, 2014)

Mr. Carter's beef is fantastic. It surpasses any other bovine flesh I've feasted on in my entire life. I crave it every day. When my freezer is full, my rejoicings cannot be contained. When I run out, I weep, and my freezer mourns. Just to smell this beef cooking is a joyful experience upon which I encourage you to embark. I intend to be a customer of Windy Hill Grassfed Beef for as long as I live in the general surrounding geography, or until I have the ability to raise my own beef.

Mr. Carter himself is always pleasant, friendly, and more than fair. I have not yet made the 2 hour trip to visit his farm, but I hope to in the near future. He has always been sure to make me feel that I am a highly valued customer, and he has certainly gained my loyal patronization.

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