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By: Carrie Shade    (Aug 14, 2014)

I was very excited to try a CSA this year as I have friends and family who have been doing this for years and rave about their CSA's vegetables and fruit. I found this farm online and went off the reviews. Well, this has been a very unsatisfactory experience. I can understand and accept weather issues as a factor in the amount of food in the boxes. However, week after week there are more reasons/excuses as to why we are receiving light boxes; weather was just one reason. Never once was there an offer to supplement because of the lack of crops. My family and friends who go through other CSAs have been compensated with food from other farms and even cooking oils when their boxes were light. I do not believe I will try another CSA as it seems my money will be best spent going to Farmers Markets. I have been very hesitant of sharing my review because I keep hoping it will improve. Maybe the remainder of the year will improve and I can update this post. Until then I remain disappointed.

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Jenifer Wical says:    (Oct 21, 2014)

says:    (Oct 21, 2014)
I'll be posting my own review, but I agree with you. This has just not been on par with other CSA experiences. Today we got yet another email that said the "makeup box" is delayed another week. I'm expecting next week to get an email that says there will be no makeup. We also bought the egg share this year and haven't received eggs since August. I've emailed Jim multiple times with no response. Definitely will not be back next year.

L'il Farmer says:    (Nov 27, 2014)
Please don't give up on CSA shares entirely. Contact some other farmers.