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The Shepard's Fold (Big Prarie, OH)
By: Jill Munro    (Oct 21, 2009)

This was my family's first CSA experience and it has been wonderful! We have tried all sorts of new herbs, and veggies and have experimented with things we never would have thought to purchase before. Our freezer is now filled with meals and summer vegetables to partake of during the long winter.

It has exposed my daughter to new foods and unique aspects of farm life, such as watching honey being processed. Marion is a wealth of knowledge and is never lacking in suggestions for preparation, recipes or information about the history of the foods they grow.

I wish many more families took advantage of this wonderful experience and helped our local farmers and economy in the process.

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the Shepherd's Fold
By: Janice Runyon    (Oct 15, 2009)

This experience has been wonderful. I enjoy the beautiful drive out to the farm. I love knowing that they use no chemicals to grow the foods, and that they are trying to preserve the heritage by growing heirloom produce.

The honey is very good, way better than that of the store. The meat is very juicy, and not fatty at all. "Yum"- sums that up. The eggs are a deep yellow, not the pale tasteless month old ones that I was used to buying elsewhere. Again- no chemicals. No hormones or steroids to raise the chickens. The yarn is very soft and I am looking for a new project to knit, now that I know what real yarn feels like.

I can't wait to sign up for another year of CSA, in the spring. Great people, great food.

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The Shepherd's Fold
By: Becky Smtih    (Dec 3, 2008)

It was our first CSA experience. As a two adult household we elected the half share. I was nervous about too many leafy greens, but what I found was a wide variety of fruits and vegetables each week . I found learning new vegetables-I had never purchased or used kale, chard, even radishes- and finding old vegetables in new forms - Adarondak Red potatoes are a new love- really made my summer fun. Information in the newsletter was very helpful. We received real value for our money, almost more than we could eat in a week.

I enjoyed going to the farm for my produce. We were made to feel like real partners in the farm

Becky & Bill Smith

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