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Love those veggies!
By: Heather Cree    (May 16, 2013)

I have been getting vegetable boxes from Cane Creek Asparagus & Company for quite a few years now. Enough to have a whole binder of recipes I break out this time of year to make the most of my veggies. I have always found Cane Cree Asparagus's vegetables to be of the utmost freshness, which makes them stand out from other kinds of sources. And believe me, I have done some comparing. The Asian greens that come early in the season helped my picky 9 year old son start eating salads. No lie. Green goddess dressing, asparagus tarts, grilled jalapeno lime zucchini...the gifts just keep on giving on into the summer months. Not to mentioned things like stuffed butternut squash at the end of the season. I really do look forward to the boxes starting back up every spring. I've also learned to do things like freezing and canning to carry the joy over into the blah winter months. Pickled zucchini or beets with onions really brightens up the appetizers at Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful the dependability and quality of this CSA has been so steady. I happily (and regularly) recommend it!

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Yum! Yum!
By: Edrianna Stilwell    (May 14, 2012)

We are pleased to announce we are Cane Creek Asparagus & Company's newest fans. We picked up our basket from Troyer's on Thursday and rushed home to explore our "prize." Oh my goodness, beautiful bright green and crisp vegetables, one bundle after another. After getting everything onto the kitchen counter I glanced at the box did it all fit? I quickly grabbed my laptop computer and pulled up the web site...Veggie Identification I - excellent, now I will know what is in the box and can pull some recipes from the web site as well. My next search...How to clean your goodies - perfect, this is just what I need. We washed and packaged everything, leaving several things out for dinner. I made a big salad and also sauteed some greens. What a delight! We had already planned to be away for the weekend so we reluctantly departed Friday morning, saying good bye and we will see you soon to our full refrigerator. We didn't get home until Sunday at about 8:30. I have a pretty strict rule about not eating after 8 which I willingly broke. I made myself a salad with several of the beautiful greens. I sprinkled on some raisins, walnuts, and a gourmet oil and vinegar I picked up over the weekend. My mouth was in heaven as I savored each bite. Thanks Glenda and Cane Creek Asparagus & Company! Live Happy - Eat Fresh and Local!

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Value, Quality and Taste
By:    (May 28, 2011)

I am looking forward to my third year as a member. I have recieved my first box and am really looking forward to this season. I suscribe to the CSA concept and the way that it is modeled by Glenda and Robert. I wasn't a fan of veggies until I tried the variety of a season and the great recipes that the website offers. Sometimes I need a gentle reminder to pick up my box or change my pick up date and it has never been a problem. The taste can't be equaled in store bought produce. Well packed, fresh all season, worth the investment . My health, the farmer and community benefit. What a deal!!!

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Fresh, Quality Produce and Fantastic Web Site
By: Mary Church-Steurer    (Apr 8, 2011)

As a former Cane Creek Asparagus CSA member, I can vouch that the produce from the CSA is always "just picked" fresh as it is harvested the morning of pick up. Everything I received in my box was exceptional quality. Although I am currently not a member, I continue to follow Glenda's web site which is user friendly and updated frequently. The newsletters contain interesting tales and good information. I try to use local food when possible, much from my own garden, and enjoy Glenda's recipes.

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Fresh vegetables at its finest
By: Joanne Moss    (Mar 10, 2011)

Our family has been using Cane Creek Asparagus & Company for the last few years and every other week it is like Christmas morning as we await to see what is in our box for that week! The care and personal attention that is given to each and every box is quite apparent as you go through the items and see that each and every vegetable is of the best quality. Not only are the vegetables of the finest quality, you also get the best quality in customer service. Friendliness, professional, family-oriented are just a few adjectives that come to mind. In addition, our son, who is now 10 years old, definitely had his interest in gardening grow from all the wonderful goodies we received during the month. He even received an added bonus one year and got a tour of the Cane Creek Asparagus garden - what a treat that was, for not only him, but the rest of the family as well!

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delicious veggies!
By: Ellen Minier    (Jun 27, 2010)

My family and I are new to CSA this year and could not be happier with our farm boxes. My children and I plan our weekly menu around our delicious veggies! I never realized how much even organic produce looses in flavor after "sitting around" in the grocery store. We will be members for years to come. Thank you so much!!!

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Good Job
By: SUNNIE HEDDEN    (May 4, 2009)

Hi Glenda,

Pleased to read the nice reviews you have recieved. Just want to say Happy Gardening from another person who cares about quality food. Sounds like your doing great work and have pleased clients. A caring produce person from Oregon. Sunnie

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Excellence all around
By: Carol Taylor    (Feb 8, 2009)

We joined for the first time last summer, during one of the worst droughts on record for Western North Carolina--and it was still a great experience. The produce ranged from well-loved standards to imaginative newbies; I tried squashes, greens, and other veggies I'd never heard of, much less eaten, and became a converted turnip lover with one box. The boxes were always delivered on time, always fresh, always delicious. Glenda is a delight to deal with. The newsletters on their web site are fun and informative, and the recipes are excellent. (Who knew 2 cups of radishes, white beans, and various herbs could be so good?) I recommend these folks very strongly.

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