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think twice
By: dave citizen    (Aug 30, 2014)

We coughed up the $600. for a "share". Never got the promised early signer discount. Weekly pickups on the other side of town got to be a pain, and if you missed it, oh well. I don't believe CSA is a "green" alternative in this manifestation. Too much driving just to pick up produce. Plant a garden if you want super fresh. Zero footprint. On the plus side Mr. Sisti's produce was good quality, and we were exposed to new varieties, some of which were delicious. BUT, quantities were pathetic. I put "share"in quotes above because as I expressed to RS what we got was a pittance of his yield. Good amounts for immediate weekly consumption, forget canning or freezing. So be aware, this is not a "green" alternative, this is not a good value, and if RS is giving you 1/90th of his yield he has a big garden, not a small farm.

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Stellar CSA delivers to Jersey City
By: Lynn Brownstein    (Jun 7, 2009)

I have hosted the Catalpa Ridge CSA in Jersey City for the past 3 years, going on 4. I am thrilled with the quality and quantity of the produce that Farmer Rich grows. The June season begins with greens and in the continuing weeks we are treated to everything from plump heirloom tomatoes to outrageously delicious kabocha squash. Everything is always just-picked fresh and delicious! A bonus is the fruit that the farmer barters with neighboring farmers.

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