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Breezy Willow RULES!
By: Adam Yeargin    (Mar 23, 2011)

My wife and I have been a part of this CSA for several years now, including a couple of winter/early bird seasons. We have always been impressed with the quality and quantity of produce included in our weekly share. We have been introduced to new veggies, or new varieties, in addition to kitchen staples such as onions and potatoes. We can not imagine going without our CSA at this point. Thank you so much to Breezy Willow for this opportunity.

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The best!
By: Chris Tucker    (Oct 7, 2010)

This is our first year with a CSA, and hopefully many more. I already signed up for the Spring Session (March - May) and I'm beginning to fret about where to get great produce from Dec - March!

Portions are generous - It's a value added CSA, which means I can buy my meat, chicken, cheese there as well (and the cheese is DELICIOUS!) I am so, so spoiled. Herbs and hot peppers are offered every week free of charge in addition to your weekly share.

I love the variety of produce - I love the fact that I can choose my own - I don't need gigantic apples if I don't want them. I never have to worry about a mass egg recall, and the produce is all IPM or organic. How much better can you get?

The people at Breezy Willow are always helpful, informative, and willing to work with you. If they have an abundance of something, you can usually buy extra at a reasonable price.

I think it's the best CSA in the HoCo area :)

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We love Breezy Willow CSA
By: Jill Thomassen    (Mar 11, 2010)

We joined Breezy Willow CSA two years ago after a friend joined and told me how great it was. She was right and we have been happy customers ever since. Every week we look forward to finding out what will be included in the week's share. The produce, as well as the bread, is always fresh and delicious (and abundant), and the eggs are soooo much tastier than those from the store. We have also received items such as jam, honey, cheese, ice cream, fancy mustard and hand made soap (you'll never go back to regular soap after you try it). It is really helpful that recipes are available and we have discovered some new vegetables that we might not ever have tried, had it not been for the CSA. Keep up the great work. We really appreciate it!!!!!

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Quality produce at affordable pricing
By: Kari Greenwalt    (Mar 3, 2010)

I joined this CSA two years ago upon the recommendation of a friend. The quantity and variety of produce has been wonderful, especially for someone on a small budget. I like that the family has started to include recipes for every item offered each week - it's even better now that they've started sending those recipes via email. The eggs each week are wonderfully fresh and make the fluffiest omelets I've ever had. I like the wide variety of bread offered each week - you never get bored with the "same old thing." I really enjoy clipping my own herbs in the summer - I hadn't realized the difference of cooking with fresh herbs, its more flavorful and a side benefit has been using less salt! The family that runs the program is so nice and friendly, that it keeps you wanting to come back each week. My family really missed the produce in the winter, so we are excited to be part of the first winter CSA. No more awesomely-fresh produce withdraw! =)

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loves it!
By: kel habicht    (Feb 17, 2010)

I've been a member of the breezy willow csa for a few years now, and this year i'm even doing the first ever winter csa. i love that the family that runs it is always so friendly and helpful, providing great recipes and cooking advice! They also sell amazing hand made soaps and other fresh products made on the farm. The food is always amazing, and i love knowing that i am supporting locally grown produce. i would recommend this csa to anyone, it is truly a gem.

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Superlative Experience
By: Eric Ruck    (Feb 17, 2010)

Aside from the obvious, great local food at great prices, we really enjoyed the thorough variety, and the folks at Breezy Willow really did make an effort to engage the kids, which was much appreciated. I'm very much looking forward to next season.

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So happy with this CSA!
By: Darby Bade    (Feb 16, 2010)

My husband and I have belonged to 3 CSA's and finally found one that is absolutely perfect! The quality of the food is wonderful - can tell that it has been lovingly grown. The quantity of the food is also nice - I feel that unlike the other CSA's that we have belonged to that we do get our money's worth. What is also wonderful is the selection - we get a huge variety of fruits and veggies and the option of herbs during the summer/fall. In addition they provide recipes for each of the foods offered. I have to admit that I was a bit dubious about the butternut squash/feta/cilantro quesadillas but they ended up being wonderful and even my picky 2 year old ate them. The eggs are fresh and definitely tasty, the bread is a nice touch, and the "bonus" item once a month instead of the eggs is also always good. We also love everyone at Breezy Willow - they are friendly and informative and clearly dedicated to their farm and their food. They are also starting a kids program during pick-up this summer that my son is very excited but even without that, pickup is a family affair with us checking out the bunnies and the chickens with him! I love our CSA - we will belong as long as they offer the program!

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A Great CSA
By: Barbara Wasserman    (Feb 15, 2010)

We have recently enrolled for our third year with Breezy Willow Farm. In addition to getting great tasting fruits and vegetables, we have had an opportunity to try produce not readily available in the local food stores including Chinese long beans and delicata squash. The Caulder family of Breezy Willow Farm also provides great recipes that are easy to prepare.


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