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The Art of Nutrition and The Harvest of Beauty
By: Jenny Christensen    (Mar 30, 2011)

The produce of Willie Green's nourishes our personal health, the health of the earth within the present moment, the planet's years to come and feeds the eye with exemplary beauty. Visiting the Willie Green's produce stand at one of the several markets with representation, satisfies the anticipation of fabulous meals ahead from abundant, cascading baskets of impeccable product. The flavor of Willie Green's product is what we have always been searching for - when one tries it, any one of the copious quantities of the diverse produce varieties available, we feel we have finally tried what we were looking for, for the first time. All fruit and vegetables are classic examples of perfect flavor from unique, brilliantly selected varieties. For example - I have been eating carrots my entire life. I felt the first time I ate a Willie Green's carrot, was the first time I was introduced to what a carrot always should of been, and never was, until I purchased from Willie Green's. The health of our bodies, the health of the planet, and last but not least (certainly of equal importance as well) the health of our soul being surrounded and fed by nourishing beauty that is simply, consistently, gorgeous. Thank you Willie Green's!!!

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Deeply rooted food, close to home.
By: Shango Los    (Mar 24, 2011)

I have been buying from Willie Greens / Jeff Martin for almost a decade now. When I was new to caring about produce and visiting the University Farmer's Market, Jeff would take the extra time to explain his produce to me, where it was from and why to choose one variety over another. He helped the appreciation for food grow in me. He has double cute ladies working the booth at the market now but I can still sense his care for the food every week.

I appreciate Willie Greens as a vendor too. I work for a small home delivered produce company and we buy his local, organic and vibrant produce to share with our customers. This is the opposite to mass produced corporate "organic." This is deep down nutritious food and my customers can tell. Also, because it doesn't have to travel very far, it is picked ripe and ready for the market, . Because of that, I know it tastes better, and without that harsh travel, I think it lasts longer in my fridge too.

I'm a big fan, sure. I even went to their big harvest fest last year on the farm with about 300 other customers, families and lovers. I think it is OK to admit that and still write a review. I mean, wouldn't you like to love your produce as much too?!

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