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Fantastic and beautiful Orchard
By: Tina Dixey    (Sep 25, 2009)

Went to Apple Annie's for the first time with my 7 year old son. It is a beautiful orchard with great character. The best part was being greeted by Spirit, a beautiful and sweet Golden Retriever. This is a place we will definitely go back to, nothing beats fall like apple picking.....and the low spray aspect is wonderful. We enjoyed the smaller size of the farm, nice and relaxing with no pressure or obnoxious crowds. It has a low key and enjoyable atmosphere, perfect environment for a chilled out trip. The apple cider is outstanding, like biting into a fresh crisp apple. We look forward to trying many other products made right at the farm. The prices are great and worth every penny just for the freshness alone, let alone helping to support a local farm is a nice feeling. The staff is very kind and friendly, explain what to do and where everything is without hesitation. This is an orchard we will enjoy for many years to come. For a quaint fall afternoon outing, you can't beat Apple Annie's!

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We love Apple Annies
By: Ingrid Nicholson    (Sep 13, 2009)

We started visiting Apple Annies when our 11 yr. old was a toddler. Now we have two kids who ask when can we go to Apple Annies. They like the small orchard because they don't have to walk far before being able to pick. I love the peaceful atmosphere and their friendly golden retriever.

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a model for sustainability
By:    (Aug 28, 2008)

great people. great practices. great experience. a must for all families this fall.

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Apple Annies is so good
By: Daniel Tsai    (Aug 26, 2008)

We have been going to Apple Annie since my son went on a school field trip. The orchard is beautiful, the fruit is so good, and the people are friendly. It is a small place, so don't expect a big production. For a special New England fall experience off the beaten path, this is the place.

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The essence of a righteous orchard
By: Charles Goldberg    (Aug 18, 2008)

Even if I did not know the proprietors, I would beat a path to Apple Annie. Absolutely delicious varieties of apples and cider made by folks with big hearts and smart growing practices. Show your children and grandchildren the best and bring them to Brentwood! Chuck

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