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Great blueberries!! Nice folk!
By: D Turcott    (Jun 28, 2008)

The Alpine Berry Farm was great! We went last year and I got loads of beautiful berries. The people were also really nice and friendly. I'll be going back this year again. I hope you all go see them (but make sure to leave me some berries!)

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Kathryn S Cooley says:    (Jul 9, 2008)

Dear D. Turcott, thanks so much for your comment - you are the very first person to make a comment - we look forward to you coming back - when you come - you can have 1# of free berries - if I am not there - just show us your ID that you are D. Turcott. We have had a great year on the berry farm - mother nature has been kind to us this year! Your blueberry farmer, Kathy

D Turcott says:    (Aug 4, 2008)

Thanks Kathryn! I should have left a message before because I've been out to pick your berries several times in the last 2 years and they've been wonderful. I'd been planning to come back out either this week or this weekend, so I'll see you all then. Thanks again!