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very informative
By: annie wagganer    (Apr 20, 2010)

My husband signed me up for the half-day beginner's class for my 'valentine's day' gift and this class was one of the best gifts he's ever given me! I was amazed at how easy it is to begin making cheeses. As well as how inexpensive it is to start. So far I've tried the ricotta and chevre with great sucess! My family loved them! I'm looking forward to trying the feta and yogurt next!

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Cheese classes are well worth the $$
By: Kristin Stone    (Jan 31, 2010)

If you are interested in making cheese Merryl's classes are not only exetremely informative they will give you the confidence to go home and make your own cheeses. The classes are fun and very hands on. You get to taste test all the wonderful cheeses you will be making yourself one day.

I have made a few cheeses prior to taking this class and some turned out and some did not. I didn't have any idea why some cheeses failed. Merryl taught me why I was having problems. Simple things such as how to calibrate my thermometer, using a ph tester, using a water jacket while making cheese, taking notes, and other little helpful tips.

Having a small goat dairy farm and wanting to make all my own dairy products I feel that this is the only class I will need to take in order to accomplish my own home cheesemaking.

I traveled from the state of New York to take Merryl's cheesemaking class and it was well worth the trip.

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Wonderful Class - Wonderful Teacher
By: kathleen sneider    (Jan 25, 2010)

I've attended three of Merryl's classes now - the basic cheese making and two of the all day classes. Not only was each class packed with highly useful information, it was also fun and tasty too! I highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in entering the cheese making fraternity.

Merryl is an excellent teacher - relaxed with students and her enthusiasm and interest in each of her students makes for a homey and secure atmosphere. Everyone feels comfortable to bring up any questions and share their own triumphs or disasters in their cheesemaking efforts.

These classes are not just demonstrations - each student receives hands on experience in each phase of the cheese making process. Cheeses are tasted and reviewed along the way. Classes are usually filled with a diverse group of interesting folks from as far away as Georgia and New York. I know for me some new friendships were forged during the classes and look forward to a future of cheese making.

Merryl is a treasure and the St. Louis area is lucky to have her.

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Highly Informative and Educational
By:    (Jan 17, 2010)

I signed up several months ago to take this workshop with an an artist guild in which I am associated and have been looking forward to it for a while, now. Boy, did it meet my expectations and more! I learned so much in just a few hours; how to make chevre, sour cream, feta, cheddar, yogurt, ricotta and much more. We were taught the "Are you kidding me" simple processes as well as were involved in all the steps, too. We learned all about the history of the cheese making and how important certain details can be such as temperature, acidity, and MATH! : ) We tasted a vast array of cheeses and toured the cheese "cellar" where wax covered wheels were undergoing their tender aging process in large antique ceramic crocks and retro looking bread tins that would look great with my Fiesta Ware. We had a blast! Her classes are going so well, she is adding an expansion space just for classes right next to the cheese "cellar" in the basement. The best part about the whole day was knowing that I can go home without spending an arm and a leg and learning how much money I will be saving by making my own Greek yogurt and goat cheese from now on. One more very important thing, Merryl Winstein was an excellent teacher and her handout itself contained an abundant amount of information. I have taken many 6 week classes that didn't offer this much information. I would highly recommend checking out her great little farm in the city and learning how to be a bit more resourceful in the kitchen. If you have children, I am sure they would love to go and see the goats and chickens, too. Enjoy!


Emily Tofaute

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great class!
By: Glenda Johnson    (Dec 15, 2009)

Before I took this class, cheese was very mysterious... Not any more! I just made my first feta, and plan to try my hand at other types in the near future. Merryl's class makes the art of cheesemaking accessible and easy to understand. The hands-on aspect of the class was very helpful, as were the hand-outs/materials. Her mini-urban farm and charming home were the perfect setting for this kind of learning experience. Plus, she was just cool. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to build a closer connection with the food we consume, where it comes from and how it is made.

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A Wonderful Find
By: Jennie Randolph    (Sep 10, 2009)

While searching for information on making goat cheese I stumbled onto this cheese making class. What a wonderful find. I have made ricotta. It was amazingly easy and made a delicious cheesecake. I am looking forward to taking the information I learned from this class to my daughter in Uganda, East Africa. Cheese is not readily available there - although goats are numerous. It will be exciting to teach my grandchildren how to use the milk from their goats to make wonderful cheese. I recommend this class to all. Even if you don't think you would ever make cheese it was very interesting to learn how cheese is made.

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Best Investment
By: Bob Dye    (Jul 15, 2009)

Taking Merryl's cheese-making class was one of my better investments. Not only did I learn about cheese, sea-salts, goats, and chickens, but I was enchanted by her country kitchen, in the city of Webster Groves . I sampled home-made cheeses, overcame the mystique of cheese-making, and had the knowledge to start making my own: cottage cheese for the refrigerator and ricotta cheese, for tonight's lasagna. Seeing the simplicity of her cheese-press, I designed my own and have moved on to making cheddar. I especially appreciated Merryl's lists of references and of suppliers and her willingness to answer later questions. This was a fun class with long-lasting benefits.

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REAL cheese isn't yellow!
By:    (Jun 17, 2009)

Ever wonder how cheese is made? Let Merryl Winstein show you the WHEY! Discover cheeses that you can't even pronounce. Learn how adding yellow colorant to cheese evolved. Find out how pasteurization temperatures affect your ability to make cheese (and how the whole pasteurization process evolved in the US.) Merryl's concise instructions and fascinating stories, (and samples) make her class a unique experience. For anyone who enjoys learning about where REAL FOOD comes from, this class is for you.

Merryl is a great resource for cheese making information, supplies, advice and even raw goat's milk! She's always been very responsive to questions I've had, not to mention that she's made my life a little more "cultured" now that cheese making is a part of it!

Bob Koehler

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