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After one half of a year of produce...
By: Kim Parker    (Oct 28, 2010)

I am very pleased both with the variety and the quality of the items I receive.

Quite frankly, I avoided vegetables in the grocery store because of the lack of taste. We joined the coop in the middle of the year (we were early adopters as well) and we started with a double share and stayed with it. I love the taste and freshness of the items we receive! We've had loads of tomatoes, green, red, and hot peppers, half a dozen different kinds of squash, spinach, radishes, almost a dozen varieties of melons, beans, okra, canned tomatoes, salsa, sprouts, spices (rosemary, basil, etc) and other wonderful goodies. It's the rare week when I don't receive something I've not had before and it challenges me to try something new!

Like all families today, we have to work to eat a home. But when I go to restaurants, I walk away disappointed. Extras go in the freezer or get canned. One thing I love the most is the tips I get for other items like berries, pastured eggs, and other farm items.

Some people I've spoken to are challenged by not being able to go to the grocery and pick out what they want, "normal" veggies. Well, normal is a setting on the dryer and what the person I'm talking to considers regular veggies, I do not. I'll admit, sometimes when I've not read my newsletter about what is coming, I pick an item up and think "what IS that?", but a quick e-mail and I know what to do with it.

Kim and Garth are responsive to what we've asked for and when it's mentioned, I'm either told when they will begin growing that depending on weather or they add it to their list and several weeks later it's in my box, grown specially for me.

Now THAT's a responsive CSA! Love 'em.

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Michael Gives Four Thumbs Up! (Okay, so he only has two...)
By: Michael Huff    (May 25, 2010)

I first met Kim and Garth while searching for local produce. They are transpanted Canadians (we won't hold that against them!) and stick out like sore thumbs in the middle of cattle country. They bring a great work ethic and have created an astounding twenty-acre farm using sustainable practices and lots of hard work. Their melons and tomatoes are simply the best! I would (and am) betting on anything they put their hands to, and this CSA is no exception. I'm a premier member!

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