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Eggs beyond compare
By: Dean Mindock    (Mar 29, 2011)

The eggs that Kristine's chickens produce are so beautiful, I hate to break them. The yolks are intensely colored, a deep yellow, almost orange. She makes sure that the chickens are very well fed but mostly they wander about and find their own grub. The shells are thick, very sturdy, and come in blue, tan, brown, tan with freckles, and sometimes white. Needless to say, they taste great. We eat them raw a lot of the time.

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Really convenient and valuable
By: Dean Mindock    (Jun 15, 2010)

We never had goat milk before and so were unsure if we'd like it. So, when my wife, Namsuk, said that it tasted great and gave her no "side-effects" I knew we had a winner. I love it too. Also the eggs are much better than the ones we were getting at Whole Foods, with deeper yellow yolks and taste great raw too. Kristine is doing a fantastic service for us.

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Our local connection to all things herbal
By: Jane Drake    (Apr 5, 2010)

My family has enjoyed Luna Farm's products for years and I'm only just now getting around to posting a review. We count on Kristine as our local connection to all things herbal, both her kind advice and her skill have been helpful countless times. Some Luna Farm offerings we have enjoyed include; eggs, soaps, herbal study group, tinctures, fresh herbs, herb transplants, and herbal teas. I heartily recommend Luna Farm to anyone interested in doing business with a marvy local farm!

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What's NOT To Love?
By: Danielle Diamond    (Mar 2, 2010)

Farm fresh eggs from happy hens. Real milk from gregarious goats. Natural plant-based medicines. Handmade herbal soaps. Yummy raw honey. Kristine's hospitality, wisdom and wealth of knowledge.

Nuff said.

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Awesome eggs, great folks, good herbs
By: Laurel Lewis    (Mar 1, 2010)

I am a die hard egg fan of Luna Farms. The eggs are aesthetically beautiful in color and they taste incredible. I don't care at all for mass produced eggs that lack color and integrity. Everything I have tried from Luna has been great and will continue to recommend them highly. I enjoy their magazine as well as the herb classes. Keep up the good work!

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a local treasure
By: rebecca klitzke    (Feb 25, 2010)

We were so excited to find something like this in our own back yards: an herbal study, farm fresh eggs, and plant medicines. All are great quality and offer a real experience of community building. Luna Herb is one of our favorite things about living here.

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Local Herbal Products
By: Laura Asher    (Feb 25, 2010)

We are so lucky to have Luna Farm in our community! Kristine is a wealth of knowledge about herbs and natural living. I enjoy attending the Herbal Study Group she hosts. Here, Kristine freely shares information about a monthly herb. She provides a handout as well as the opportunity to observe and sample the herb, and we even make a tincture or oil. The study group is held informally in her home, where children are welcome. Kristine actually publishes a monthly herbal magazine for children that is truly special! I have also used many of the Luna Farm products. My family especially enjoys the fragrant lotions, emollient soaps, and nourishing tea blends. The tinctures are excellent, too. I highly recommend Luna Farm and encourage you to give them a try!

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