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By: Jeff Kehusmaa    (Jun 8, 2011)

Living on the road, I never seem to be able to locate a butcher. Since the Kosher ranch in Colorado seems to have gone out of business my supply of wholesome meat has dwindled. This product is very high quality. When my neighbors follow their noses to see whats cooking on the grill they are amazed to see "plain" ground beef. I only wish my freezer was big enough for me to buy this at a price I can afford for daily use.

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Very good individual cuts but BACON CONTAINS SODIUM NITRITE!
By: Adela Buzescu    (Feb 3, 2011)

I have ordered twice individual cuts before subscribing to their half share CSA. The meat is excellent, however, today I received the bacon and the label lists sodium nitrite. I think that the farm should clearly state that on their website, I really don't care about how humanly was the pig grown if the meat comes with a known carcinogen! Otherwise, the service is excellent but I do not look forward to added sausages and bacon to my monthly orders.

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Lourdes Inoa says:    (Apr 30, 2011)

I am glad you reminded me of this. I tried their product last year and the sausage had to be disposed of due to some obscure ingredient, which basically was a flavor enhancer (olefin?) I am ready to purchase, but will stick to the all beef CSA. The truth is, the last thing most people expect is to have nitrates and the like in a small grass fed operation farm. It will be a good business practice to disclose, better yet stop using the aforementioned. Otherwise, the service is great and perhaps these comments will help bring change.

Great Beef
By: Hal Woolford    (Jan 6, 2011)

I was not sure about buying meat on line . But I'm glad I did the meat we received was excellent quality and the taste was heavenly. I haven't tasted meat so good. I didn't know such quality was still available. Thank you

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Can't go back to supermarket meat
By: Annie Vanderboom    (Sep 14, 2010)

I have ordered mixed half-shares from 8 O'Clock Meat twice now and am about to place my third order. I have nothing but good things to say about this service, and recommend it to everyone who gives me the chance to talk about it, even strangers in the farmer's market! Meat arrives quickly via DSL; it is well-insulated and solidly frozen when I get it (I live 30 miles south of Albany). The variety has been great -- both times, there's been some ground beef and lamb, a preserved/smoked meat (bacon or sausage), some sort of unique cut (last time it was lamb ribs), and a "premium" cut like NY Strip or ribeye, and other mid-range cuts as well (chops, etc)... all clearly labeled w/ cut and weight. The half-share portions are perfect for two people, and since we are trying to reduce our meat intake (usually twice a week), it lasts a while. But the best part by far is the quality! The beef, pork, and lamb are all amazingly tender and flavorful, especially considering that the meat is so lean! The only trick is to learn to adjust your cooking times, since lean meat cooks faster, but Kassandra includes that sort of information with the shipment. Much, much better than anything I've found in the supermarket, at a very reasonable price, and without the nasty health concerns and guilty conscience! Love it!

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A wonderful experience ! 5 Stars !!!!
By: Lynn Cosentino    (Mar 26, 2010)

I have been an meat eater my entire life . Today I had a truely wondeful experience. The TASTE was like no other. IMy husband was also pleased and surprised ! The meat was tender , hardly any fat , texture and TASTE was so perfect ! Excellent service * THANK YOU , you have a loyal costumer . NO more factory farms for me I had no idea !

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5 star Lamb
By: nancy pitrowiski    (Feb 1, 2010)

It is impossible to find lamb from the USA in the market. I just enjoyed some lamb chops from the farm and without question it was the best I have had since childhood. What flavor!! The price was right and delivery from first click to my door <3 days! What a treasure I have come upon!! My guest said she could have made the whole meal of lamb and been blissfully happy! Thanks.

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8 O'Clock Ranch is incredible!
By: Gretchen Duarte    (May 28, 2008)

I ordered a quarter cow and some pork from 8 o'clock Ranch a few weeks ago and boy am I impressed! The price for all of the meat I got was an incredible value and rivaled the prices at my grocery store for what I like to call "poisonous evil meat". The meat from 8 O'Clock Ranch arrived as expected and was still frozen when it got here ( I DID, however, have to stalk the courier to make sure it made it to my rural house). We got some really nice meat in our quarter, including t-bones, which my husband was salivating over while unpacking the 80 lb box. The meat is absolutely delicious and lean. I don't eat much meat and I wolfed down a steak the other day. We will be ordering again when we run out and I just gave the information to my husband's entire construction crew. They were eyeing up his sandwiches a little too closely!

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says:    (Jun 4, 2008)

Gretchen, Can I ask how far away you live from the 8 O'Clock? I am in Black River about 1 and 1/2 hours away. Is the meat shipped by refridgerated truck? Any help you can give is appreciated.

Cynthia says:    (Jul 30, 2009)

Hi, I live in Watertown and have ordered from 8 O'clock in the past and will be doing so again. At the time I ordered they used DHL as the delivery service and there was a problem. I contacted Kassandra and explained in the future it would be better for them to use UPS or the USPS to ship within the 136 zip code area. She was very easy to deal with, the beef roast was great and I am about to find out how they are now shipping within the 136 zip code. Thanks