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By: Marie Van    (Jan 28, 2010)

Worst service, wilted veggies, hardly any product. His weed/flower garden was a joke. If you wanted to walk through a hay field and get covered in ticks you might be able to pick some clover but thats about it.

I'd still recomend a CSA but not this joker.

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By: Jen Chenelle    (Oct 30, 2009)

This past summer a friend and I decided to share a CSA share. We signed up with Andy of Andys Greens. The share we recieved were hardly enough for one person let alone two. I really wish I had taken pictures of what we did recieve. We got two to three small bunches of greens. One time he threw in three radishes no bigger than a quarter, another time we got 4 carrots whish were smaller than normal baby carrots. Another shipment we got was infested with ants and we had to throw it away. Another time the greens had so many holes in them they were mostly just the stalk left. It was the worst CSA starting experience anyone can imagine. Then to top it all off he was still selling at the farmers market. We never once recieved a cucumber, squash, zuchini, potatoes or regular tomotoes (we got 1/2 a pint of cherry tomatoes once). I wish I had taken photos because now it is my word against his, but this can't be the first time he has done this. I was really shocked to see he is signing people up for next year.

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Marie Van says:    (Jan 28, 2010)

I agree. This guy is terrible. He never replied to our emails or phone calls. Even after he offered a refund he still did not respond to emails. If I see him at the farmers market this summer he better load up my bag with what he promised.