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Helped me convert my backyard to an urban farm!
By: Annie Chang    (Aug 17, 2011)

I learned how to garden from a couple Love Apple Farms garden classes and I must say this is the best value for urban gardeners. I've taken classes at other local garden shops and I find Love Apple Farms is more hands-on.

First of all get to see a working farm (kitchen garden for a restaurant). During your break or after class you can look at all the raised beds and garden pots and crops, the sample chicken coops, compost heaps, worm bins, say "hi" to the goats, everything.

Secondly you get lots of take-homes in the classes! For example, the vegetable growing classes (summer vegetables, winter vegetables), you get to seed your own flat with dozens of available seeds. So you get the variety you need for your small backyard without purchasing a whole bunch packet of seeds that you'll never use.

I converted my backyard into raised beds after my classes. I started composting, worm bins, and I got 3 chickens. My backyard is an urban farm!

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Beautiful farm, great philosophy
By: Andrew Suciu    (Aug 16, 2011)

Love Apple Farms is a great illustration of the power of an ideal. A small farm in the Santa Cruz mountains that believes in biodynamic farming, Love Apple has gone from inspired idea to world-class excellence. They grow incredible produce and supply the kitchens of Manresa restaurant (two Michelin stars). Their methods are wholesome and their results are peerless.

The farm is beautiful, but it is closed for drop-in visits. However, Love Apple Farm offers a number of gardening classes and culinary workshops that give you a great chance to visit this gem.

Highly recommended!

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