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More than just good food at Shepherd's Valley!
By: Mary L. Allen    (Feb 4, 2009)

We discovered SV last fall in time to enjoy sweet potatoes, green beans, Jerusalem artichokes...and a Thanksgiving turkey! Wow, never knew produce and poultry could taste so good. Just as special, getting a tour of this incredible farm, which includes an exciting recreational area with a huge tree house, a zip line--talk about a paradise for the whole family--my children wanted to move in!

Thank you, John and Ramona, for what you give back! So glad to have found you...and highly recommend you and your products to all our friends and family.

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Eating the way it was meant to be
By: Tracy Simmons    (Dec 5, 2008)

We purchased a half share in Shepherd's Valley in 2008 and are looking forward to our second season with them. It was wonderful to experience a more seasonal approach to eating and to know that what you were putting on the table was clean and free of chemicals. And did I mention tasty? The hubby and I thought we might be overwhelmed with the selection and volume of greens in the spring, but we found ourselves simply delighting in the fact that each variety had such a unique flavor. This is not the kind of food you find in a grocery store. We also got eggs from the farm, as well as chickens, lamb and a turkey. All wonderful products. I highly recommend to anyone in the area that they give Shepherd's Valley a try.

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so happy we found them
By: Deborah Gerish    (Nov 16, 2008)

Shepherd's Valley has been a fantastic discovery for us. They now supply about 90% of our seasonal produce needs, 100% of our egg and bee needs. If we weren't vegetarians, we would get all our poultry and lamb from them, as we've heard good things. We're very pleased with the quality and selection of their produce: they offer foods we've never experienced before or that aren't available in local grocery stores. The owners are really responsive to suggestions (i.e., adding leeks to the offerings to add to their wonderful potatoes in soup) and have helped us feel much more connected to the community. We tell everyone we know about how this CSA has improved our lives, and we can't wait for the next growing season.

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