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Very pleased with this CSA
By: Colleen Rosado    (Nov 24, 2014)

I have been a friend and customer of Chuck Murray of Murray Hill Farms for many years. I have enjoyed the splendid assortments of each weekly produce box this past summer and I am loving the option to purchase winter boxes as needed. The winter boxes have a great assortment of produce as well as the summer boxes. I am looking forward to picking up my box this week to get all the produce I will need to make my Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you so much Chuck Murray! and Thank you Ohio for all this awesome local produce!!! Sincerely, Colleen

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Wonderful Fall Boxes
By: Alana    (Sep 27, 2014)

My family and I have been enjoying the fruits and vegetables from our Murray Hill boxes weekly! We absolutely love the cucumbers, seasonal squash, sweet potatoes, eggplant, and honey crisp apples especially. The honey crisp apple cider they sell is the best cider I have ever had! We have had a great experience all summer and now into the fall. We often have more food than what we can use in a week, so I freeze it for later use. I am very happy with the quality and quantity of food we get in our small box for $25. If there is ever anything in the box that I would prefer to trade out, Chuck is always ready to help. It is easy to pick up at the Medina Farmers Market that we go to every week since we always go to pick up our vegetables and a few other things. It has significantly reduced our number of trips to the grocery store and quickly increased our intake of healthy, organic food. We could not be happier!

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Not worth the money or headache
By: Nickole Delong    (Sep 9, 2014)

We were expecting a great experience after reading reviews on sites like this and Murray Hill Farm Facebook page. However we are sorely disappointed. Our large box is never full, we have had a good amount of moldy and rotten produce in our boxes. We have only had 2 out of 14 weeks so far with good boxes that were pretty full and decent. We haven't had eggs for months since coyotes got all his chickens. Communication is poor. Pick up times change at the farm without notice. He advertises things he sells at farmer's market that never make it in the CSA farm pick up holders boxes. It is not worth the $38.50 a week we paid up front($770) and we feel cheated with a box of 10 tomatoes, 8 ears of corn and a watermelon. We can buy better quality organic produce from the grocery store for less money. I wish we had never signed up. It is an awfully expensive gamble to take so beware. Go to the farm several times, get references and be aware that this farm isn't functioning like it is portrayed.

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Chuck Murray says:    (Sep 25, 2014)

This customer has never spoken to me about anything in this review. Perhaps she does not understand how a CSA program works. Customers that have any concerns are encouraged to talk to me direct. When one joins a CSA a certain amount of risk is expected as some crops may fail, there may be predator problems, etc. This is explained on the sign up sheet and on our website.

Nickole Delong says:    (Sep 26, 2014)

I stand by my earlier comment.

Unhappy 2014 Customer
By: Dyane Sherwood    (Jul 23, 2014)

I was impressed by the positive reviews, but I've had a very different experience.

A CSA subscription requires trust in the farmer.

I don't like waiting in a parking lot for an order that never shows up, only to learn later that Chuck changed the pickup time but did not tell me. After many unsatisfactory communications with Chuck about things that should be simple and straightforward, I have given up and asked for a refund. I do not want to introduce rancor into my experience of buying healthy food.

I paid Chuck $450 for produce and eggs. I've received three weeks of produce and a dozen eggs. Without a refund, it will be the most expensive cabbage and squash I've ever purchased!

I also paid $700 for a meat order. Chuck cashed my check, which had the amount and prices of the meat on it. Now he wants more money for the meat order. I want a refund, which he refuses.

When I said I would post a review, Chuck said he was contacting his attorney and "a prosecutor." (!)

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Chuck Murray says:    (Sep 25, 2014)

Unfortunately, this customer missed several pickups and blamed us. We have had a fantastic Summer season so far.

Dyane Sherwood says:    (Dec 8, 2014)

Chuck's comment is simply not accurate. He seems to have a hard time tracking things. I never received a refund, nor a refund for $700 which I paid him for a meat order and did not receive! He was very defensive when I complained. I sent him a registered letter in preparation for taking him to small claims court but he refused to pick it up at the post office, and it was eventually returned to me. I lost over $1000 and have little recourse except to take him to court and to warn others that he is not reliable except to his friends who write in good reviews.

Quality and Convenience
By: Jessica Alley    (Nov 16, 2013)

We have been subscribing to the Winter and Summer CSA at Murray Hill Farm for 3 years. We obviously have been very satisfied with the quality of the produce and other products that they provide. Chuck is always accommodating if we cannot make our normal pickup time/day. Often he adds in extra produce if it is available making up for any weeks that may have had fewer items due to weather. We have received much more organic produce than we could purchase in the store for the cost of the CSA. Chuck offers discounts and extra products for early payment every season and it keeps us out of the big box grocery stores which is what our original goal was. His produce is incomparable, non GMO and free of chemicals and pesticides. The CSA at Murray Hill has been a wonderful resource for our family. I would recommend it to anyone looking to support local business.

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Good for our Paleo diet
By: Michael Murray    (Nov 15, 2013)

My wife and I have been very happy with what we've gotten from Murray Hill Farm (good name! =D). We try to eat Paleo since we started Crossfit. We enjoy the produce and eggs but also the available beef, chickens and pork. There's a lot of variety of produce and we've been introduced to some new things that we've really enjoyed. Thanks!

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Still Glad with Our Choice
By: George Crisci    (Nov 14, 2013)

I commented on the quality of Chuck's produce during the Winter program in January. After participating in the Summer program, our high opinion of the quality of the produce and the service remains unchanged. We are participating in the Winter program for the second time.

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Fantastic organic options!
By: Christina Scherley    (Nov 10, 2013)

We have been purchasing both summer and winter shares from Murray Hill Farm for nearly two years now. We cannot be happier with our decision to go organic. We have had the pleasure of getting high-quality, fresh produce, along with tasty chickens, turkeys, and beef. Chuck is friendly, knowledgable, and accommodating. He is always willing to work with us to ensure that we have a positive CSA experience. We but very little at the grocery store and don't plan on ever returning! Thanks, Chuck!

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