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Love them
By: Karen Stark    (May 7, 2014)

Livengood farm is wonderful, we enjoyed every bite from thier farm, from the veggies to the meat. The written word can not discribe the conversations around our table. When our friends come over to eat with us, they talk about how wonderful the food is and I just tell them is Livengood Family Farm. Thank you Livengood for making me a better cook.

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Livengood farm - best lamb around
By: Maggie B.    (Jun 28, 2013)

I discovered Livengood Farm at the Clark Park Saturday market in Philadelphia 2 years ago. I tried their lamb and enjoyed it so much that I ordered a whole lamb from the farm last year. Their produce and beef are also delicious, so if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia during market season, do not pass up the opportunity to purchase some of their will not be disappointed.

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By: Danielle Spandau    (May 9, 2013)

These reviews are out of date...but the quality is still fantastic. I discovered Livengood after moving to Philly last year and I have been waiting impatiently for the season to start again. I cant' wait to stock up on eggs again as this farm produces the best eggs I have ever tasted.

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Best fresh chicken
By: Kathy Clawson    (Sep 30, 2010)

I also have been shopping at the Upper Marion Farmer's Market every Saturday. I have been buying 1-3 fresh, whole chickens from them every week. They are beautiful and oh so flavorful.

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By: Anahi Baca    (Jul 23, 2010)

I just happened to be walking by the Livengood stand this past Tuesday on South Broad Street and bought a package of frozen ground beef. At $5/lb it was quite reasonable for organic, grassfed beef.

To be honest, it didn't look like much in its frozen state, but after defrosting, it started picking up a lovely red hue, and the moment I put it in the pan, I knew it was going to be good. It had such a nice firmness and a wonderful aroma! And the taste--oh, my! So rich and delicious!

I can't wait to go back and try more of their products!

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Products from Livengoods will have you "Livin' Good"!
By: erika spott    (Jul 1, 2010)

I shop Livengood's Family Farm at the Upper Merion Farmers' Market in King of Prussia. Everything they offer is top-notch, but they have the absolute BEST lettuce (especially butter lettuce) and their grass-fed beef and lamb is extraordinary! Every week I can't wait to see what they are bringing! The Livengoods are also great folks who know their products and are always happy to give info on everything they offer. I love knowing my food is coming from them!

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