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Always a great day at the farm
By: Michelle Barbieri    (Jan 21, 2010)

We've had a CSA share for several years and have just renewed for 2010. Each week we can count on a great variety of produce and friendly faces at the farm. In addition, we regularly receive tasty recipes and ideas about how to use the items, which is especially helpful for all of the vegetables that were new to us. Quiet Creek has helped us to expand our produce knowledge and try many new recipes. We leave each pick-up feeling confident that we have healthy, locally-grown, organic food for our family.

It is an excellent experience, and we are proud to be part of it.

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Perfect day
By: kellyinthewoods    (Jan 21, 2010)

If someone would ask me to describe a perfect day - it would always include our time at Quiet Creek Farm. The afternoons choosing our vegetables and walking in the U-pick garden have become our summer tradition and a welcome retreat from the craziness of life. My daughter and I usually end up eating our share from the Upick while doing the picking. But there is nothing better than fresh cherry tomatos bursting with flavor on a hot summer day. I would highly recommend Quiet Creek Farm for the brillant vegetables and for the beauty and wonder that the farm adds to my family's life.

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Highlight of the Week
By: Joe Kelly    (Jan 20, 2010)

Friday afternoons in the spring through fall have become a family highlight activity each week as we make our trip to Quiet Creek to pick up our share. The weekly harvest is always fresh, interesting and organized. The people at QCF are genuinely nice, intelligent and caring individuals that have the best interest of their members and the produce always in the front of their minds. QCF and the members are an eclectic mix of families and people that arrive each week and truly share in the earth's bounty. We are proud to be members and look forward to the new season with anticipation.

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Can't wait for spring...
By:    (Jan 19, 2010)

After eating grocery store,and even "farmers market" purchased produce over the long cold winter, I get so excited to receive the email updates from John and Aimee, telling us about the progress of the upcoming crops! I'm looking forward to my 3rd year with Quiet Creek Farm- it's been a wonderful experience! I recommend this farm to anyone who is thinking about joining a CSA. I love the weekly emails with tips and recipes and nothing beats knowing that I'm getting organically grown, fresh produce. There's something so peaceful and fulfilling about being out there in the U-pick garden, harvesting the flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies every week. And Let me not forget to mention that Heidi is so friendly and informative- she makes the pick-up so easy and enjoyable!

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says:    (Jan 19, 2010)

forgot to enter my name- review is from Jacqui Kozza

By: Vicki Shellhammer    (Jan 19, 2010)

This summer will be our 4th season with Quiet Creek. It has been a truly inspirational experience. There's something so exciting about eating locally-grown produce, especially from John & Aimee and their dedicated helpers. After tasting the mouth-watering veggies from Quiet Creek, it is hard consider eating anything else.

We are equally enthusiastic about our participation in the fruit share from North Star Orchard, who grow the most scrumptious fruit we've ever tasted.

We also thrilled with the "happy" meat sold at Quiet Creek (what we call the meat that is sold there). You will not believe these products! How often can you say you've met the fisherman who caught your Alaskan salmon dinner?

It is a satisfying feeling to participate in the local sustainability movement with these wonderful farmers.

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Quiet Creek Rocks
By: Christine Cleaver    (Jan 19, 2010)

We moved in a year ago from Philadelphia and Quiet Creek has truly been one of the great things about the move. The farm and it's staff are amazing. The whole system is so well organized and the products are sooo amazing. I made things for my family this summer that I would have never tried.

The best part of the farm is my seven year old now knows where food comes from. She is now becoming a gourmet Chef!!!

Thank you Quiet Creek! We can't wait for season TWO!!

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Members for 3 years
By: lisa Nemeroff    (Jan 19, 2010)

We have been members for three years and are THRILLED with Quiet creek Farm. We get a small share and it is plenty of food for us. The variety of vegetables is perfect and I love that my family is constantly trying new vegetables...fresh from the garden! The U-pick garden is terrific as well. I bring my daughter with me and we look forward to "going to the garden" all week. The fruit is great as well, and we really are excited when we start receiving those shares! Thanks for doing a terrific job!

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we have enjoyed being a member since the beginning
By: Lisa Scott    (Jan 19, 2010)

We cannot be more pleased with the quality, taste, and appearance of all the produce. There is always plenty to keep you satisfied for the week, and always look forward to pickup day. Going out to the farm is a wholesome experience in itself, with the beautiful rolling hills and scenery and to see all the wonderful people who work there. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and they work very hard for us in all kinds of weather. We are truly proud to be members.

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