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Great food with a heart
By: mary lee    (Sep 4, 2010)

Not only does the food taste great it is fresh and always a nice variety of items but "Farmer Jim" as we refer to him has a big heart. We found out not long ago that a dear friend's son has stage four cancer at the age of 3. One of the things that they suggested after round 1 of chemo was to start eating organic foods; it would really help to build up his immune system for future rounds of chemo. Once Jim heard he offered to help and has been helping with organic food deliveries to the family to help James get back to good health and bring healthy eating to the family. I can not say Thank You enough to Jim, his wonderful food and big heart.

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Amazing food!
By: Dalynn Dykstra    (Apr 25, 2010)

This has been our first and only experience with a CSA subscription, but we have been highly impressed. Everything Jim supplies tastes delicious and fresh. In addition to things you might purchase regularly at the store (like carrots or potatoes), each week you will find yourself with something new and unusual. Often Jim's newsletter will include recipes for these strange pieces, all of which are delicious. Kohlrabi Gratin, anyone? Not only does the food taste absolutely amazing, Jim is an amazing farmer who really knows what he is doing out there. Plus, it's organic to boot! Highly recommended!

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Exceeds Expectations
By: Brian and Rose Godfrey    (Mar 12, 2010)

Farmer Jim's CSA has been such an amazing experience for our family. Jim consistently provides a variety of high quality, delicious vegetables along with a chatty newsletter and recipes. Vegetables are clean and very, very fresh, and carefully packed. My kids have enjoyed the adventure as well, and they will try anything if I tell them it came from Farmer Jim.

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Jim's Produce
By: Cynthia Fontayne    (Jul 3, 2008)

When I moved to Marysville in December, one of the first things I did was to look for a CSA option. I signed up with Farmer Jim and have not been disappointed. The produce is always delicious, and accompanied by a thoughtful, witty newsletter on whose reverse are found several recipes with ingredients that include that week's selection. It's a great way to introduce folks to new tastes. Jim's Produce also can be found at the Saturday Farmer's Market in Yuba City, with the stand usually tended by Jim's other half, Amanda, whose nametag reads "Farmer's Wife."

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Our first and best CSA
By: Angie Drake    (Jun 18, 2008)

When we moved to Beale AFB a couple of years ago, I was hoping to find a good CSA. I wasn't disappointed! Jim grows some of the best produce my family has eaten. He is always trying new varieties even while he grows many standard crops. Our favorite part of the season is the Fall Potluck out at the farm. It's a great chance to meet other CSA members and, for those that pick up shares in town, a great chance to see the farm.

At the end of the growing season, Jim has always asked for feedback so that he knows what people like and what they don't. He takes all of that into account when growing for the next year. This kind of dedication makes his CSA one of the best.

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