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By:    (Aug 15, 2011)

My husband and I have been buying from this farm market for 15 years and have always been treated in and a pleasant friendly manner by the owner and the market workers. They are very good at educating the buyer about the fruits and vegetables. I love the quaint setting and enjoy seeing the donkeys and the horse each time we go. No gripes from us.

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By: bonnie pankow    (May 30, 2010)

i really like this farm. it's right down the road from my house, which means i don't have to go downtown to the north market all the time. now if only they could sell meat. i'd never have to go downtown.

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First rate on my list.
By: Alan Wagner    (Mar 6, 2009)

Very family friendly and very good produce, I have been buying produce from them for about 20 years. Always first rate service and produce. I would highly recommend this farm. In response to the reviewer about the horse, did you ever think that if you or your kids got hurt the owner would be responsible. Grow up people this is not a petting zoo, its a produce farm, treat it as such.

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Lisa Salvatore says:    (Aug 29, 2011)

I'm sure the place is nice, but really...if you know the public will be there, and you're worried that your farm animals might harm someone, (or vice versa) then you as the owner need to put the animals somewhere out of the reach of children. The responsibility is with the animal's owners, and the customer who's children dared to pet the horse had asked permission. If you don't want your farm to be treated as a 'family experience' which includes farm animals...then put the animals away or move them to a location where the public can't interact with them. Common sense.

By: Sandy Marshall    (Jul 16, 2008)

We visitied the market on Shannon Road last week. While we were selecting tomatoes and corn, we were interupted by a very loud argument between one of the owners (I assume) and a customer. The customer and his children were petting the horses and from the very loud argument it seemed as if they perhaps were feeding the horses something they should not have. However, the owner was so loud and so distraught that it seemed as if there were something else going on. We purchased our vegetables and left. Later that same day we attended a barbecue at our nephew and his wife's home. We were telling the story of the argument when my nephew's wife spoke up and said they had pulled into the market about two years ago and asked a couple of workers if they could pet the horses and they said yes. Mind you, our nephew's wife is a doctor of physical therapy, so she is no dummy. As soon as she and her children began petting the horses, this lady ran from the house and accosted them verbally saying they had no right to be there and how dare they pet her horses without her permission. When they said they gained permission, she screamed at them that she was the owner and the only one who could grant permission. They left and have not been back since. After the show we saw last week and the story from our nephew's wife, we will also not be back again.

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always ready to help
By:    (Jun 4, 2008)

I have been getting produce here for about 5 years and I am handicapped. I can always get someone to help with my purchases and the produce is always fresh and wonderful. I cant wait for the tomatoes to come on.

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Nice little place
By: Jason Fisher    (Jun 2, 2008)

I have lived near the Schacht family farm for the past 10 years and when possible I buy my produce from them. Their prices are fair and the produce is great.

I will admit to not having purchased everything but it is well worth the trip.

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