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Highly Recommended Local CSA
By: Josh McKee    (Mar 4, 2015)

Full Circle Farm is without a doubt the best CSA my family has ever experienced. I couldn't recommend it more.

Jonathan's produce is so bountiful that my family of 4 sometimes can't even get through our half-share. He is thoughtful both in his approach to farming and in his selection of produce. He includes lots of items you would expect, but also sprinkles in just enough new items (or, at least, pretty new to me!) to make you feel like you're widening your horizon. He's also very willing to chat with you about recipes and new ideas for incorporating his healthy produce in your daily meals.

It's also important to note that he is very family friendly. My wife and I regularly bring our young children to participate in our work-time (we've even brought our dog a few times!). The kids love him and are always excited to go visit "Jonathan's Farm".

Full Circle Farm is hands down the best CSA in town.

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Veggies and Flowers and Berries; Oh my!
By: Betsy & Chip Hemmel    (Feb 28, 2015)

Maybe it's the sublime joy of the first bite of a tomato, warmed by the sun, fresh off the vine; a blueberry pie made with blueberries we just picked; my children downing sugar-snap peas like candy... We've been members of 5 wonderful CSA farms but I've missed the time with my hands in the soil, my wife and children alongside me. Phones and iPods were forgotten as the fine sunlight and rich soil draws us in to our planting. The abundance and variety of fresh food are second to none; the farmer as teacher guiding us quietly; instilling in us a sense of joy and ownership. Jonathan's Full Circle Farm feeds us in so many ways and we're thrilled to have him back offering CSA shares. It's more than just delicious, fresh food: It's about community and connectivity and my daughter's joy at realizing, one fine spring afternoon planting squash, that we put the plants in the earth, cover then with soil, add a little "poop" and water and sunlight and like magic we get vegetables.

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A great all around experience!
By: Penny Yee    (Feb 28, 2015)

I "stumbled" onto Jonathan's CSA when I helped friends collect their weekly share several years ago. Already belonging to another CSA, I was impressed by the variety and quality of Jonathan's offerings. The following year I jumped at the opportunity to join Jonathan's farm. The berries, herbs, and flowers are a real bonus to the other beautiful organic produce. The work requirement is not onerous and gives a good feeling from contributing to the overall enterprise. Kids are welcome to help out, and when I brought mine they enjoyed the time (surprise to them!) and learned a lot. So in addition to getting great produce, there's an educational benefit, and good family time! What more could you ask for? Highly recommend it!

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I'm spoiled forever!
By: Pamela Vescera    (Feb 28, 2015)

After tasting this delicious produce, store bought vegetables and berries are dismal by comparison. My experience with this CSA was my first, and it was a delight. The berries are to die for!! Jonathan takes painstaking care of his crops. The work requirement is very fair, and allowed me to feel like I had a small part in growing my own food. I met amazing people as well! I highly recommend participation in this CSA-you won't regret it!

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The Best CSA to which I've ever belonged
By: Vige Barrie    (Feb 27, 2015)

Full Circle Farm has been the best deal I have experienced among CSAs. I have been a member of three and Jonathan's has been the most bountiful of them. I have been amazed by the amount and diversity of produce I have received each week - so much that I have given some of my half share to others because of the abundance. And the flowers have been an added treat. I was very excited to hear that the farm was again planning to offer CSA shares after a year or two interlude. It's good to be back with Jonathan. Ten hours of work for a half share is very manageable and the experience offers an opportunity to meet other members. I recommend Full Circle Farm to anyone looking for a CSA in the area.

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