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Touching Lives
By: Jeff and Lori McKean    (Mar 22, 2012)

Grandma's Organic Farm has value beyond the healthful eating it provides all summer. It does more than just provide excellent food; it provides an alternative education on growing. I have been taking a summer school "nature class" to Grandma's for the past couple summers. Gordy has touched these kids' lives by graciously showing them behind the scenes how his farm works. In these times of great separation from knowing where their food comes from, these trips to Grandma's let the kids see the direct connection between farmer and food. It's more than just a fun day on the farm; it's an experience to last a lifetime!

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80 Weeks of Great Produce!
By: Jane Carter    (Mar 2, 2012)

Over the past 4 summers Grandma's has provided our family with 80 overflowing baskets of prized vegetables and herbs. The huge garlic bulbs rival the largest I've ever seen in restaurants that offer them baked! And I like the unexpected yearly additions, the weekly newsletters (one 'spinach week' had a recipe for a tasty baconless hot salad dressing!) and turning into the long farm driveway to see brilliant seasonal yard flowers and be greeted by Gordy. I wish everyone could enjoy this type of fun, tasty, fresh, attractive and sustainable produce!!

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