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Buy Local
By: Patrick Yellen    (Apr 26, 2008)

These folks have great products and you can find them at the local Farmers Markets. Why shop at the local "Super Center" when you can contribute to your local small business person and get great deals and fresh products to boot ?

They are also part of the "Christmas in the Country" group that get together a week or two before Christmas every year to sell their wares. It makes for a good time traveling around from one location to the other picking up unique Christmas gifts that you are not going to find anywhere else.

I try to get all my fresh herbs from the Sandoras and you can shop online which makes it convenient. I especially like their Garlicious Grind. It's a great gourmet seasoning on almost anything. And you can't beat the price of $5.95 in a nifty grinder jar.

Two thumbs up ! Or FIVE STARS !

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