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Great Value for Wholesome Bounty
By: Melissa McEuen    (Feb 24, 2012)

Everyone assumes that beautiful, fresh, tasty vegetables from a CSA like Three Springs Farm are more expensive than similar items purchased at a supermarket. However, our experience has shown that this common assumption is false. During the blessed growing season at Three Springs Farm, we go to the supermarket much less than during the bleak remainder of the year. This means we are exposed to fewer temptations to purchase items we do not need. When we do make the trip to the big store, it is mainly to purchase staples like milk, juice and paper products. Moreover, the produce from Three Springs Farms is so varied, bountiful and succulent that it usually constitutes our main course at dinner through the week, encouraging us to consume more vegetables and less meat. So we save here too. At the end of each month in the growing season, we find to our delight that we have actually spent less money on groceries and invested in our overall health, too.

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Lexington's Best CSA
By: Sarah D'Orazio    (Feb 17, 2012)

We got hooked on the concept of a CSA at another farm, where we had a share for 3 years, but our enthusiasm was waning because the selection of produce didn't match our personal tastes well and many weeks we felt that too much food was going to waste. Last year we switched to Three Springs Farm, and now we are excited about the concept of a CSA again!

These are the reasons we love the Three Springs Farm CSA:

1) You actually see the farm owners every week. I'm not just supporting a local farm, I am talking to the farmer. David and Arwen and their daughter Phoebe are delightful and we look forward to seeing them each week. That personal connection to the land and its harvest makes me much more excited to eat locally.

2) Choice! Instead of picking up a pre-packed box, we walk down the line of produce and make our own selections. If you like tiny little new potatoes, you can pick the smallest ones out of the basket and probably get a dozen as part of your share. Want three nice big ones instead this week? Go ahead and choose those. Typically there are at least two items to choose as "either-or" as well.

3) The swap bin. In my other CSA, where we picked up pre-packed boxes, no one really utilized the swap bin because they hadn't had a chance to look through the box yet, and you were standing on someone's porch, and didn't want to take up too much of their time. So there was nothing in the bin to swap with. The swap bin is heavily utilized by David & Arwen, often containing items that they didn't have enough of to put in the shares for everyone. Between the choice described above, and the swap bin, we NEVER went home with things in our basket that we really didn't want to have that week.

4) The ability to purchase farm fresh eggs and cheese as needed is also a big plus for us.

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The Best of Local Foods
By: Jan Isenhour    (Feb 13, 2012)

I'm a fan of local produce and no grocery can match the produce supplied by a Three Springs Farm CSA basket. Each year as the growing season winds to a close I find myself becoming more depressed by the thought of weeks of winter without my fresh produce fix. We like the variety provided by Three Springs, and the responsible approach to farming practiced by David and Arwen. Our weekly basket has helped us expand our appreciation for locally grown, seasonally appropriate vegetables. The suggested recipes that precede each week's delivery take all the guesswork out of preparation. This food tastes right.

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By: Kathy Johnson    (Feb 7, 2012)

Being a customer of Three Springs Farm is a feast for the senses! The produce is beautiful and and offers the authentic taste of local produce. Of course it is absolutely fresh so the nose is sated as are the hands with the variety of textures. So often these days we are brow-beaten into living responsibly, but I find this a very pleasant way to consume food. You have the excitement of never knowing exactly what the season holds ahead because each year has different growing conditions. David, Arwen and Phoebe have new ideas every year as well, so we are constantly learning about new vegetables. Some crops take longer to develop, like asparagus. Patience brings a lovely reward. We get to spread our culinary wings and eat like the French (with their radishes, sorrel and celeriac.)In fact, since much of the world eats a vegetable and grain-based diet, the vegetables lend themselves to delving into new tastes. Every week, recipes are included online with the listing of that week's offerings. We are able to feast like a world citizen on food grown in local soil! The quality and care put into the food makes me more mindful of what I am eating, but not in a guilty way--in a joyful way! It is also very convenient, with several drop off points. It is a celebration to be with other people who simply share an appreciation for good food. I highly recommend the experience of buying shares from Three Springs Farm!

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By: donna pizzuto    (Feb 7, 2012)

I have been enjoying the harvests of Three Springs Farm for five or six years. Every year the crops are slightly different, the bounty more or less depending on weather and other farm-like factors, but TSF has always supplied me with fair portions and quality produce.

I love the surprise of "what's in my basket this week" and I've learned about - and tasted vegetables I probably wouldn't have discovered on my own. David and Arwen provide information on how to prepare some of the unusual crops. Like kohlrabi in a salad or roasting kale leaves into chips.

In the past, Three Springs Farm has hosted an Open Farm Day, with hikes around the farm, music and of course, good food. That kind of day goes beyond suppling food for my table and supplies food for my soul as well.

I can't wait to see the vegetable surprises this season!

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long time members
By: Judy Engelberg    (Feb 7, 2012)

Why we have been members for many seasons:

1-Lovely, fresh, organically grown produce 2-Sometimes eggs and cheese, too 3-We get introduced to new produce- (and learn how to cook it or use it) 4-Great weekly newsletter with recipes 5-Friendly service 6-Get to meet new friends 7 -And finally, a big plus, a chance to support local agriculture

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