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Wonderful, large truly lemon flavor
By: Cristine Gregory    (Jun 10, 2014)

When you get this box of lemons and smell how fresh they smell upon opening, it makes you smile. Then when you cut one open, and smell the wonderful fresh lemon and make your lemonade, it is just wonderful! They are truly very large lemons with some seeds, keep excellently when refrigerated and just remind you of sunshine when you have them in your home! Thank you for such a wonderful product! I have used them for lemonade, roasting chicken (garlic and lemon, yum!) and vinagrettes, and have NEVER had any go bad! They are just so superior to supermarket lemons, even the organic ones, there is just no comparison! Love these lemons!!!!

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Great quality fruit, delivered super fast even to East Coast
By: Eileen Bennett    (Feb 28, 2014)

I am on the East Coast, and I was a little worried about how the shipping time might impact the quality of the fruit, but decided to risk it. All fears were unfounded, and the lemons arrived super fast and in great shape, fragrant and full of juice. I used the 3 lbs to make two large batches of Meyer Lemon Curd, and one of Meyer Lemon Marmalade, all of which turned out great. So glad that I found this store - Thank you!

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By: Amir Littman    (Sep 11, 2013)

I received the fruit and it was covered in MOSS AND MOLD! They didn't even tell me the item shipped, I had to contact them because I didn't see it arrive. The Postal Service placed it behind a rock. HAD I KNOWN THAT IT SHIPPED I would of kept an eye out for it.


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Mixture of small and large
By: Harry M Stuart    (Sep 11, 2012)

Quite a mixture of fruit - all tasted great but some were small and immature. Shipping was immediate and they arrived in good condition in 48 hrs from CA to FL. I would buy from them again and hope for a more homogenous product size.

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Worst company I've ever dealt with on LocalHarvest
By: Sam    (Apr 23, 2012)

I've placed many orders on LocalHarvest, and most of the companies I've dealt with have been pretty good. HerbFresh, however, is by far the worst company I've ever dealt with on this site.

I ordered a collection of 6 herbs from this company. The names of all the herbs were listed in the item description, including "cilantro" and "chives." The description also mentioned that they might occasionally substitute one variety of herb for another (i.e., French thyme for German thyme, etc.), but never said anything about substituting a completely different type of herb for one of those listed.

After placing my order, I did not get an e-mail acknowledgment until 5 days later. And then this company did not ship out my order until 3 1/2 weeks later (even though they charged my credit card as soon as they acknowledged my order). Nowhere on the item description did it say that orders would not ship out until almost a month later. If it had, I probably would have never placed an order.

When the herbs arrived, they were a mess. Dirt was scattered everywhere in the box, along with the plant tags. The herbs were also a lot smaller than I had imagined. They were certainly not worth $26 (before shipping).

Many of the herbs didn't look very healthy either. The basil was nearly DOA, and died within a few days. The parsley didn't look very good either but hung on a little over a week--and then it died too. The thyme lasted a little longer, but within a couple of weeks, it was completely gone as well. I have never had herbs from another nursery die like that.

In addition, I was never sent any cilantro or chives at all, which were included in the description of the item. I e-mailed the owner to ask why. He said they weren't going to be ready for another month. So, he had apparently just decided to substitute 2 entirely different herbs instead, without bothering to ask me if this was acceptable. I replied that since nobody had ever asked me if such a substitution was OK, I wanted him to send me the cilantro and chives when they were ready--otherwise, I would have to dispute the charge with my credit card company. He never even bothered to respond to my e-mail at all. His rudeness was pretty shocking.

I ended up disputing the entire charge with my credit card company, and I won my dispute. That's the first time I've ever had to dispute a charge with a company on LocalHarvest. Please stay as far away from this company as you can. They are extremely dishonest and rude, and their plants--many of which are of poor quality--are overpriced as well.

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Simply Amazing!
By: Amber S Parsons    (Sep 12, 2011)

Surprisingly fast shipping and excellent quality fruit! Some of the best passion fruits I have had!

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Excellent experience
By: Suzanne Milshaw    (Apr 25, 2008)

The scented geranium sampler arrived quickly and in good condition. Care was taken to packaging for minimal plant injury. Very nice selection of varieties and friendly service. Thanks.

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