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By: JoAnne Gittelson    (Oct 21, 2012)

This meat is delicious .....I am not only glad that it is very yummy, but also for my piece of mind to know --where the meat I am eatting , along with my family, is safe to eat. I would not be able to go back to the grocery store and just pick up a package of meat and have no idea-what it was feed , what drugs it was given and how was it butchered??? I am eatting my meat--knowing that I am safe.. Thank you Lucky 13!!

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The meat sells itself!!!
By: Krystin Downes    (Oct 18, 2012)

The first year we bought a 1/4 cow, and shared it with my in-laws as our freezer space was limited. We were all so thrilled with the amazing taste that we've continued to order every year . We've even purchased another freezer to be able to buy enough to hold us over until the next shipment !

This past year I've been asked for the name of Lucky 13 Beef from friends who've been at our cookouts, and couldn't get over how much fresher and juicier the burgers tasted. This year we're ordering 1/2 cow as friends of the in laws are requesting some as well !!!

I truly cannot say enough about the quality of the meat, and the packaging is very convenient -1lb hamburger portions, individual steaks & @ 1.5 -2 lbs cubed stew meat. Wish they had more than 5 stars!!!

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Happy First Time Customer
By: Daphne Stowe    (Oct 17, 2012)

We bought our first 1/8 this summer and have an order in for 1/4 the next time one is available. The difference in Lucky 13 All Natural Beef compared to what you purchase in the grocery store is noticeable!

When you pick up your beef on "delivery day" it is already clearly labeled, individually packaged in a vacuum sealed pack - no repackaging necessary when you bring it home. Our experience with the owners has been wonderful!

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