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Happy animals, serene setting, oustanding quality taste~
By: Heather Wargo    (Jan 17, 2009)

Places like Dogwood Farms, and its proprietress, Mary Nelson, are the reason that small sustainable farming needs to keep growing. Ms. Nelson is gracious, kind, and more than welcoming to the person coming to her farm, showing all aspects of how she lovingly raises her ducks, heritage turkeys and heritage pigs. The glaring difference between her life's work and the CAFO's that give us the supermarket pork is stark. Her animals are happy. The attention and care they receive is reflected in the quality of her products. The pork loins, Boston Butt roasts, and chops I receive from her have received such rave reviews from everyone I have prepared them one could believe it was pork, as it was so much more flavorful and less fatty than any pork they had ever had. Her bacon and jowl meat has to be tasted to be believed!

I prepared heritage turkeys that I received from Dogwood farms for Thanksgiving this year, and the contrast in taste and texture was indescribable. It elevated our Thanksgiving feast to legend.

Mary describes and shows her farming practices freely to all who visit her farm. I respect her immensely. This open air policy is what we should all expect from where we buy the food we eat. Anyone who visits this farms gets their money's worth and more~~

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