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the BEST csa
By: Carrie Ansell    (Oct 7, 2009)

I cannot say enough good things about Orchard Country's CSA. I got a small share for the full season (21 weeks) and have been loving every second of it. The produce is all excellent and fruit comes standard (which isn't true of most DC CSAs). You also get some other non-standard items like honey, nuts, and apple cider throughout the season.

I pick up at the DOT Farmer's Market and it is super quick and easy. This is a really well organized CSA - they have all your items prepacked in a cooler and you just swap your empty cooler (from the previous week) for the new one.

They also sell beef, cheese, and eggs in addition to the CSA items. Orchard Country is great!

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Carrie Ansell says:    (Feb 6, 2013)

Just wanted to update my review to say that I am still a subscriber and I still love Orchard Country Produce! Great food, well-organized, I am a happy customer.

Reliable, Delicious, Friendly
By: Marc    (Sep 10, 2008)

I have just completed my summer CSA with Gregg and Louise and decided to sign on for the autumn season as well because I was so happy with the quality of the produce I was receiving.

Here are some of my favorites, so far: -Lemon cucumber -Sweet green heirloom tomatoes -sweet onions -peaches, nectarines, apples -zucchini -raspberries, blueberries -lettuce mix -beets -eggplant, broccoli -"extras" such as horseradish, jam or marmalade, mint tea, parsley -canataloupe, musk melon, watermelon -once a season they usually have meat available; the steak was good!

Even the worst of the produce is on par with what you get at the store on a normal day, but most of it is one and a half to three times better than that. And some of it, you just can't get in a store, period.

Honestly, I highly recommend this CSA. Few offer the variety that this one does, and the food is consistently delicious.

Every once in a while, they blow me away and make me question what I knew as a child to be what a certain food should look like. The latest examples of this area the watermelon, which was melon-colored (i.e. orange) on the inside, and the raspberries, have ranged in color from a clear light red, to the standard rich raspberry red to full-on orange. All were some of the tastiest I've ever had! And, I can tell you that you have an extra little pep in your step walking around all day knowing you are orange raspberries that day and nobody else in your office did! AND yours were tastier!

So, my point being, sign up as soon as you can. You'll eat healthier, enjoy a diverse diet, and feel good about supporting the friendly folks on this farm.

Any questions, contact me at marc dot elliott dot levy at gmail

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CSA Shares!
By: Martha    (Jul 30, 2008)

A CSA e-mail from one of our shareholders:

"We greatly enjoy our CSA shares from Orchard Country Produce. Last Friday I worked late and came home to dinner made by my husband including a salad with last week's cucumber, carrots, onion and chard. The next morning...omlettes w/onion with breakfast potatoes w/onion! Saturday's dinner included green beans (great! cooked to a pulp like in Gretna, VA) and grilled zucchini/onions/peppers/carrots and potatoes. Sunday night, I made/froze a big pot of Chicken soup w/chard, potatoes, carrots and chopped carrot greens, zucchini, onion and I tossed in the leftover green beans! Everyone loved the peaches! Believe it or not, we still have...cucumbers, plums, peppers and some potatoes! We are leaving for the beach on Saturday...I'll be taking most of this week's share with me and sharing it with our friends!" -Lori

(used by permission)

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