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Wonderful CSA
By:    (Sep 17, 2011)

This is our second year with Purple Rain Vineyard and we love it! The produce is always fresh and delicious. We love getting this kind of quality every week. It has helped us try vegetables that we had not tasted before. Luisa is always helpful with the new vegetables, offering suggestions on how to prepare them and different recipes to try. We have shared the produce with many friends and always recommend Purple Rain Vineyards to any one interested in trying a CSA.

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Good Value
By: Thomas Curtis    (Jan 2, 2011)

I joined this CSA last year and liked it enough to renew my membership this year. I have to admit that when I got my first weekly pick up, I was a little bit skeptical I was putting my money in the right place. However, I stuck with it because I had read that the first pickup is typically the smallest of the year. I am glad that I did because not only did I get to enjoy Luisa's great greens, but I learned to cook new vegetables like kholrabi. I think the membership is a great value because not only do you get vibrant vegetables clear into December, they are also well cleaned and packaged in biodegradable plastic bags. I also remember reading that this CSA focuses on greens, I think that it also important to recognize this before you sign up. There you get a large of variety of greens from bok choy to spicy mustard greens, if you are not willing to experiment with these you likely will be disappointed. There are a smattering of other vegetables with every pickup, but you should plan on needing to buy other vegetables too. If you come in with these expectations and value that your food is grown locally; not only will you be pleased with what you get, but you will also find you get it a great price.

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Wonderful Produce
By: Janine Holder    (Dec 21, 2010)

We have tried several other CSAs in the Portland/Vancouver area and have been happiest with Purple Rain Vineyard. Their produce is always fresh and plentiful but it is their variety that really sets them apart. Their service is great and they have so many pick-up areas they are convientient to just about any area in Vancouver.

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I'm A Purple Rain Fan
By: Gretchen Frasier    (Dec 19, 2010)

When we moved from Massachusetts to Vancouver in 2009, I began looking for a CSA soon after we were settled.

I have reached the age and stage where I can no longer do heavy gardening and the time had come to relinquish growing my own food. But I was determined to not give up using organic fresh produce.

I have had only praise and pleasure from this first year with Purple Rain. The 2010 season presented challenges on many fronts, including weather that baffled us all. Even so, each week's delivery was abundant and the variety made for interesting menus and opportunities to try new things. The produce is so clean that I usually just rinse, shake, and chop. Then its into the pan or oven. This is a farmer who clearly takes pride in her products and their presentation. Thank you is inadequate.

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Organic at its best
By: Kathy DeBellis    (Oct 13, 2009)

As an OSU Master Gardener I can attest to the fact that Purple Rain Vineyards holds to the highest principals of organic gardening. It is a way of life for them. They also hold an open house every summer to demonstrate these principals; how they provide nutrients to the soil, crop rotation, watering practices, and how they take care of the chickens.

The produce is also outstanding! My family has enjoyed the last two years of delicious produce from Purple Rain Vineyards. I am a firm believer of trying to buy local and supporting organic gardening. Luisa and her family do an awesome job at running their business. They work hard and the produce is always clean and ready to eat.

We are very happy to be a part of this CSA - Purple Rain Vineyard.

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The Good Stuff
By: Christy Fields    (Sep 22, 2009)

Each night at dinner, we go around the table and each member of the family shares the best part of their day and something they are grateful for. Gorgeous, yummy food from Luisa is a favorite thing to be grateful for. This is our second year with Purple Rain, after trying several other CSAs in Clark County. Luisa's produce is beyond compare... beautiful, clean, varied, delicious! She does an impressive job of combining the old favorites with interesting, new varieties (or at least new to us!) Luisa has turned my kids into kale monsters, and I have discovered I love fennel! Our Purple Rain Vineyard gives us nutrition, variety, conversation, education, joy! We mourn the end of the season, when we return to store-bought look-alikes.

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The right thing to do.
By: Monica    (Jan 14, 2009)

Two years ago, after comparing with my friends among several CSAs in our area that we all had tried for the summer, Purple Rain Vineyard quickly became the number one choice. We got a share of the garden and a share of flowers last year and We couldn't be happier. Luisa and her team are not only wonderful human beings but they also raise delicious high quality products while caring for the environment. We are getting a garden and an egg share this year and we are giving their soaps as Christmas and Birthday presents. Some of the things we like best about them are:

- The love for the earth and the environment of everyone at the Purple rain vineyard. They really want to do what is best for everyone (you, the earth and them). They are very knowledgeable and this is a way of life, not just a business for them.

- The high quality of produce delivered.

- The extensive variety produce, the share included our old favorites as well as new items.

- The taste of the produce (yes, they were all delicious) Some didn't make it in the house, the grapes, strawberries and and raspberries were consumed by my children on the spot!

- The cleanliness of the produce, they were dirt free and almost ready to eat.

- Being able to exclude our least favorite products from the share.

- Being able to purchase more of our favorite produce.

- The flowers were beautiful.

We have purchased additional produce as well as eggs and soaps, everything we have gotten from the Purple Rain Vineyard has been great in quality and small in footprint. There is also something to be said about the satisfaction of buying local. Monica Groenenboom

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the very best
By: Christina Thrash    (May 4, 2008)

Luisa and her family have the best vegetables of the highest quality! I loved all the variety and trying new things. Her vegetables are always clean and I have never had any that were bruised or damaged in any way. I had a hard time adjusting to Whole Food's vegetables after hers because the flavor does not compare. Her garden is beautiful. When we had a party I was able to get extra vegetables and flowers from her, she went out of her way to help us with the party. Plus she is 100 % organic and aware of protecting the environment.

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