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A Fan of the Farm
By: Kathy Ford    (Jan 14, 2011)

Farms finding homes within an urban setting are particularly beautiful places. Granata Farms is nestled between two brick structures with a nice view of Denver's urban skyline to the west. The raised beds are carefully tended and the walkways between them are kept free of weeds and debris. I have taken many friends to the garden to show them the wonderful variety of tomatoes, beans, eggplants, squashes, flowers and such over the past few years. I have also tended to the garden alongside of Elaine a few times and although the work may yield some sore muscles, it yields much more than that. I find the environment of Grananta Farms to be beautiful and lush and I am inspired to learn more about the methods she uses to grow such healthy produce. I look forward to Spring when I will find her busy at work planting the new crops for us to enjoy this year.

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Wonderful farm in the city.
By: Garden Una    (Jan 12, 2011)

This farm is an extraordinary place were the freshest and most delicious vegetables and herbs are grown. I've purchase from Elaine for years and I've had only the best experiences. her stuff is absolutely the best. The place is immaculate. She really cares.

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