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By: Karen N. Berg    (May 7, 2013)

Sweetness of these oranges is hard to come by living in the mid-west. Wonderful.

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By: Nicole Cuevas    (Dec 26, 2012)

I purchased these on Dec. 15 of this year, received them on Dec. 19, so shipping was fast. The problem is the quality of the fruit. Some were fresh, but quite a lot of them were wrinkled, and old looking with dull skins and the tell-tell black rim around the stem area, Too bad, I was so happy to have found a place to purchase fresh organic mandarins.

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Average Fruit, Terrible Shipping
By: Hanh paradise    (Dec 17, 2012)

The Satsuma Mandarins were shipped in an unpadded cardboard box. Many of the fruits were damaged in shipment. The fruits were dry, getting old. They are not that sweet as claimed by this grower. Several were very small - like the size of a key lime. Some fruits were discolored and bad. I will never purchase fruit from this seller again. I much prefer and highly recommend the Orange Shop in Florida.

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Fruit is OK, shipping is horrible
By: Andrea Morrow    (Dec 14, 2012)

Be aware that this orchard ships the fruit crammed into an unpadded priority mail box. The fruit comes from California and we are in Michigan. When it arrived, there were four rotten ones and many that were bruised and battered to the point of needing to be eaten immediately or they would rot. The remaining fruit is good - peels easily and tastes like satsumas should. But the shipping just ruins it. It's like they don't care what condition it's in when it reaches you. Plus, the company does not offer any way to contact them online. There is a phone number you can call, but I would rather not phone people to report an issue like this. I would much prefer the option to email. I would not order from this grower again.

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Olives- Shipping- 3 stars
By: L BIVONA    (Nov 5, 2012)

I finally rcvd. my much anticipated Olive delivery.. I was kept informed as to the timing and to the non delivery(too rainy etc.) Thanks. As to the delivery itself, it took 3 days shipping time.The box arrived somewhat squashed on it's sides,and may or may not have caused some fruit bruising... upon opening, the aroma was as expected, they smelled like" Olives"They were very soft, so I put in cold water right away. I did find about 1 lb very bruised and dark olives, I could not use---so to the compost to go..The bruising did penetrate to the pit Also 1 to 1.5 lbs of the olives were red-could not use for my green curing recipe I started the process today and in 3 to 4 weeks we shall see' THE FRUITS OF MY LABOR"

Thanks again------

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OK, but needs better shipping protection!
By: Stacy Nguyen    (Mar 7, 2011)

I ordered 2 15-lb. boxes of satsumas in December to split into Christmas presents for family-- they were good, but not as sweet as I had been hoping. The boxes they are shipped in though are just no good for the contents. One of the boxes was fairly crushed along with about half the satsumas inside. We quickly took those ones out and ate them ourselves as most didn't look spoiled, but that just shouldn't happen, plus it reduced the amount we had for gift-giving by about 25%.

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Needs better packing
By: Arezu Ingle    (Feb 16, 2011)

The fruit taste is good, but because of no packing material added to the box, the fruit took a beating during shipping and a lot of the tangerines went bad very quickly. Need to improve on packing. Thanks

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Very disappointed
By: Gary J Kisker    (Jan 31, 2011)

Ordered on Jan12, shipping pick-up on Jan 20, received on Jan 27. The prioriy mail box was badly dented. Shipped across the country due a very cold week. Satsumas were in bad shape on arrival. Some were split open, many badly bruised, and others with damaged from the cold. 80% of the shipment was thrown away immediately. The few remaining were not great. The last 6 were thrown away today because they didn't smell right.... 4 days after receipt.

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