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Magic at Lindencroft
By: Renee Baker    (Feb 28, 2013)

I had the pleasure of meeting Linda and Steven about 6 years at Lindencroft. Linda has been growing vegetables for my husband's restaurants. They collaborate together on what seeds to grow, some I have never heard of before. I have been lucky to be involved and have been blessed with many visits to the farm. The farm is meticulous and the attention to detail is incredible! The vegetables are the most beautiful and the most delicious that I have ever cooked or eaten. For our August wedding in 2011, Linda grew flowers and vegetables for the bouquets and centerpieces. My bouquet was made of her wonderful lacinato kale, sunflowers, fennel and herbs. It was amazing and guests are still talking about it! If you can take a trip to Lindencroft, you will see and feel the magic that is created there. Thank you Linda and Steven for your very hard work and dedication to the land.


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wonderful farm stay
By: Harlan Joseph    (Feb 25, 2013)

about 18 months ago I met Linda & Steven at the wedding of close friends - these friends had been telling me about Lindencroft Farm for awhile... I visited shortly after and was blown away by what Linda & Steven do, how hard they work and how incredible the veggies are - I am not a vegetarian and have not usually gone out of my way to eat my vegetables but the tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, potatoes among others from that first fall visit have made me want to try everything Linda grows - and that is quite a variety. Well I have visited the farm often since then, trading a few days working with Linda & Steven for the opportunity to be in a beautiful spot with wonderful people, to taste what is in season and to learn about where my food comes from. It is now really hard to buy even the most basic vegetables at the grocery store or even a farmers market (it was hard before but now more so) - they just don't taste nearly as good as what Linda grows.

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By: Janie Tibbals    (Oct 7, 2008)

I kick myself that I didn't sign up with lindencroft farms for all of the 12 years I've lived practically next door. I can't wait each week for Linda's newsletter about what will be in the box this week. I had never been a big green eater, with the exception of salads and spinach and I've discovered wonderful, healthy recipes to use up things like chicory, kale and chard. I've lost weight and feel wonderful. Although I've been a vegetarian for 25 years I'm healthier than ever. Every week everything is packaged beautifully; produce all washed and separated. Tuesday afternoon are a real to make the mile trek up the mountain, through our native chapparel to their peacful setting. Tuesday night's dinner is always a huge salad.

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We love our Lindencroft veggies and fruits!!!
By: Sara Keenan    (Oct 7, 2008)

We love the variety of fruits, veggies and herbs Lindencroft produces. We are eating healthier than ever before, and recipes provided in the weekly email with recommendations for using this week's produce are great. I live in Ben Lomond not far from Lindencroft. I love knowing my veggies are growing year-round in my neighborhood. I imagine the sun and rain nourishing and hydrating my veggies year-round just up the road from my house. No 18-wheeler is delivering veggies long dead to the supermarket near me for my consumption. My Lindencroft veggies stay good for at least a week since they were picked just before my arrival at the farm. I love to pick up my share each week at the makes me feel connected to where my food comes from. I am on the waiting list for eggs and hope to start enjoying them soon. I also get two bouquets of flowers per month. They are beautiful and unique. I take some to keep on my desk at work and people comment all week about how interesting and attractive the flowers are.

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Lindencroft Farm is Wonderful
By: Mitsuno Baurmeister    (Oct 7, 2008)

My husband and I have been CSA members with Lindencroft Farm for over a year now, so we've experienced the variety of vegetables from every growing season. The veggies, fruit and herbs are fresh, beautiful and delicious. We also get the fresh eggs and really enjoy them. We highly recommend this CSA to anyone who wants to buy local and eat incredibly fresh organic produce - it's well worth it. ---- Mitsuno Baurmeister, Boulder Creek

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a very local csa
By: cindy fairhurst    (Oct 6, 2008)

I've belonged to another CSA in the past, but love the fact that Lindencroft is extremely local (within about 4 miles), year round and keeps my vegies in a cooler until I pick them up. And, even though I don't take advantage of the eggs or bakery items, like the fact that they are available. I received more recipes with the other csa, but found I really didn't use them that much except for vegies that were really unfamiliar to me.

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thankyou for being there
By: Julie and Mr. Tom    (Apr 28, 2008)

I am excited about your products Please bring them on

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