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excellent website
By: Brandon Anderson    (Jan 23, 2009)

I ordered from this farm and was extremely satisfied........Fast and friendly service.........Will order again and again

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Delicious pecans!
By: Mendy Abshier    (Nov 26, 2008)

Delicious pecans just like I needed for my pecan pies! Much better than the ones I purchased at a large retail club last year. Debbie is so nice and pleasant - you'll love doing business with her.

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Yummy pecans; fast delivery
By: W Christopher Marquardt    (Nov 23, 2008)

Every fall I miss the pecans that I had growing in my backyard in Austin.

As a Texas A&M page describes it: "Big cities such as San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth, and Houston are very large pecan orchards with only one or two trees per home."

A search through the Texas A&M Extension's pecan images, found through Google image search, suggested that the variety we had on our two trees might have been the "Sioux" variety (or a similar variety released before 1940, which is around when the Allandale neighborhood was built, with two pecan trees in every back yard).

Whether or not those were Sioux, and whether or not these are, these are like those: sweet and almost buttery; nothing like the dry, flavorless, red-shelled varieties that are often the only ones to make it to your grocery store. Their overall appearance, shell and meat, are also virtually identical: light, cream-colored meat and skinny, long shell, with some black striping. Fairly easy to crack without a nutcracker, just by rolling them back and forth with your palm against a hard surface until the shell has enough cracks in it to be easy to peel.

Anyway, just like I remembered, and DELICIOUS. Very fast delivery, too!

Thanks, Debbie! I am going to need some help getting through the 5 pounds, so I am dropping some of these off with my folks tomorrow. Never hurts to spread the wealth and the joy around a little, especially when you have extra to spare. : )

Maybe drop me an e-mail when next year's crop comes in. Thanks!

Chris Marquardt Olympia, Washington

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