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Fresh and original
By: JP Claussen    (Feb 13, 2009)

After two summers with Supernatural I have found their produce to be abundant, fresh and have been especially impressed with the variety.

Like a previous reviewer, I found that they included a lot of varieties of greens that I normally wouldn't have bought in the store, and now they play a key role in my meal planning. The only problem is I have a hard time finding them anywhere else in the winter (I guess that is part of the adventure of buying local!). I haven't had any problems at all with freshness.

Sometimes there were too many tomatoes. But what is an Iowa summer without too many tomatoes! The abundance actually induced our family to aquire a deep freeze and I enjoyed some of their tomatoes just last week (in February). Not easy finding heirlooms in the winter!

I found their newsletter recipies to be a real bonus, even if I didn't use the recipies they included, it gave me ideas for recipies of my own. I find their descriptions of the varieties to be especially helpful. Keep up the good work, and the GREAT customer service.

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Fabulous Farmers & Food
By: Alice    (Feb 12, 2009)

I have nothing but good things to say about Supernatural Organics. The variety of produce is stunning which makes for some adventures in cooking (thank goodness for the newsletter). Quality of the produce has never been an issue and my family takes it as a personal challenge to get through our produce before the next delivery. This is not always easy, some freezing is necessary. When November came and the deliveries stopped we were suprised at how much we had come to depend on our CSA to guide our meal choices and fill our veggie crisper.

Not only does Supernatural Organics produce great food, it does so with integrity. Their farming practices are enviromentally sound and they emphasize heirloom varieties. Best of all is the approachablity of Shane and Nikki and their willingness to hear your feedback. These folks obviously love what they do.

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Pretty good
By: Locavore    (Oct 28, 2008)

We'd never joined a CSA before, so I don't have anything to compare it to other than farmers' markets and the supermarket.

Contrary to the poor review below, we didn't receive a single vegetable that wasn't in good condition, with the possible exception of a couple of cucumbers halfway through that were pretty floppy, but still entirely edible. And for several weeks in September/October, we literally had more tomatoes than we could eat, in a wide array of varieties--all heirloom and delicious, in great condition. The greens on the beets (which normally go bad very, very quickly) were fresh and ready to eat along with the roots. Kale, chard, spinach, rocket, carrots, radishes, peppers, eggplant, okra, all in good condition. There were lots of unusual eggplant varieties that were beautiful as well as tasty.

Things started off slowly, but my gardening frequently does, as well, and the record-setting profound widespread flooding of the late spring/early summer probably accounted for a lot of the slow start. They ran the season late because of that--we just got our last share October 27th and it has pretty generous amounts of 9 items.

There were definitely some light weeks here and there, where we got smaller shares except for giant bunches of fresh herbs (which are nice, but one can have too many of them--even with pesto making and the freezing we should have done and didn't manage to do, we wound up composting a lot). Those who don't like cilantro should say so upfront or else rent a storage unit for the haul. ;-)

Shane and Nikki are very friendly. As I said, I don't know what other CSAs provide, so it's possible the produce wasn't as copious, or the price not as competitive, as might be had elsewhere. In general, though, we were relatively pleased. It is obviously a smallish, finding-its-stride sort of operation, but they are enthusiastic and we ate a lot of good veggies this summer. They are still a bit fledgling but probably deserving of continued community support.

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Locavore says:    (Oct 28, 2008)

"They are still a bit fledgling but probably deserving of continued community support." In rereading our review, I wanted to amend this to remove the "probably." They do deserve continued community support. :-)

Different Experience..
By: IAFarmGirl    (Sep 9, 2008)

Unlike the previous post, I feel the produce has been very good and have enjoyed everything that we've gotten from Supernatural. I feel the quality of the produce is similar to what I grew up on, when I lived on the farm. I think itĀ?s a lot better then what I haven gotten in stores these days. May times I bought something at the store and the next day it had gone bad; IĀ?m very picky about my produce too. At least the stuff IĀ?m getting from Supernatural is fresh. IĀ?ve never had anything go bad on me yet. I even have a new appreciation of greens, Kale and beets; these are things I normally wouldnĀ?t have bought, but after being a part of this CSA, I look forward in trying something new. I even like their newsletter; it has great recipe ideas that I've tried several times.

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NO STARS/ waste your money this CSA/Do not waste your dreams
By:    (Sep 9, 2008)

I quit - in despair.

Hole filled strange unidentifiable produce filled sack Not living up to any of the promise of the brochure

Organic is one thing, I understand we all have grown our own organic produce and it is not so full of thumb sized holes none of it is edible.

Very Very poor review.

No stars

The newsletters are a work of fiction.

Example : Began in June 2008, by Sept. when we quit out CSA only 1 tomato received and it was rotten. All produce received strange, smelly and so fuill of thumb sized holes it is composted when received.

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says:    (Sep 28, 2008)

I have to say the CSA tried to make it right when we quit and refunded part of our money. I did not expect any kind of a refund as it is a gamble on a farm share, you are gambling on the weather, etc. along with the farm. I would like to amend my harse criticism in light of them bending over backwards to make it right. I do not mean to throw out there that refunds are possible form this or any other CSA only that they did something extra in our case. I am grateful and wish them all the best in future.